ArduinoShrink library

Saw this, thought it looked interesting… smaller arduboy builds / scope for game expansion?


Saw this on Hackaday, I think this is basically an optimization of the default arduino library (which are pretty bloated to begin with), pretty sure the arduboy library was basically written from scratch and doesn’t rely on the arduino library. That being said there’s always room for optimization, which has been happening continuously since the release of the first arduboy library.

Nice! Really interesting.
Here’s the original author’s blog post: Nerd Ralph: Honey, I shrunk the Arduino core!

@Mr.Blinky you may be interested in the custom work done on wiring.c ?
Please check out ArduinoShrink and picoCore libs:

I wondered what can be useful borrowed? :slight_smile:

I saw this too earlier this week. From what I’ve quickly read then it doesn’t use those awful tables for digital/read/write and opimized delay and some other things. Arduboy2 library already uses direct port IO and I’ve assembly optimized the timer ISR,delay and micros in the homemade package libraries so I’m not sure how much (more) it would optimize things. But it sure will be interesting to look into it further.