Arduis an Arduboy Gradius

Spotted this on Twitter and it looks amazing I’m not sure if the developer intends to post the game here so I chose to post as a heads up for you none Twitter people.


Developer: @metalidol


That looks cool! Side scrolling shmup!

For some reason a lot of Japanese developers are reluctant to post games here, despite us having a Japanese language category.

I recognise the name. Metal Idol has at least one game on eried’s repo.
(I remember because I was the one who filled in all the missing names.)

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Gradius on the ArduBoy? So cool! I would love to play this one.

Wow!! That is just awesome… They need to come here and talk about it.

Great job … come and join us Metal Idol, we don’t bite.

Just noticed the google drive link is a zip of the source. I was expecting a hex file.

This game is great, it plays quite faithful to the original. Got to the level two boss then died.

Can one of you guys can compile a hex for those not with a computer at the moment? Thanks

Raw and Gist.


Reminds me of Defender.

I’ve been playing this this morning and noticed there’s a bug when you collect 4 x option that causes the game to glitch out and the Arduboy to run really fast.

I’ve also updated it to use Arduboy2 to possibly make some room for audio