ArduKey console in keychain - my Arduboy homemade adaptation

In the first post, I should say hello - so welcome the entire community of Arduboy.


I was inspired by the game Arduventure to build it (I love the old-school style RPG) - what you can see on the shell. I like to miniaturize devices so the main condition for the construction was - to do as small as possible with full playability. This does not mean that it is impossible to make a smaller version. However, an adult person will not be able to use it it comfortably anymore because of the size of the fingers.


The console was made on 26/06/2018, more than half a year ago, but I did not dare to show it before I check it for a long time.

Like most Arduboy home clones, this one was also based on ready-made modules like:

OLED 0,96 SPI white SSD1306
Arduino PRO MICRO ATMEGA 32u4 Leonardo Micro
TP4056 Charger



I designed the housing myself, trying to keep the proportions of GameBoy and printed in a 3D printer. Due to the lack of miniature switches I used the usual with trimmed ends. The battery is a small 200mAh from a dead mp4 player.

More photos in full resolution is here :


can you share the 3dMode ?Thank you!

Here you are. Models require some corrections, but you should not have a big problem with that.