Ardulem - The Lemmings arrive on Arduboy!

Yes, I was talking for the Arduboy2. How can I submit you an enhancement? Is there a thread in the forum?

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Hello All,

I’ve uploaded a .arduboy file in the Release folder of my repo. I could import it in ArduboyManager, however, I couldn’t test the transfert, since all the game I tried to transfert to my Arduboy with the ArduboyManager was not successful (just freezing the ArduboyManager).

Please let me know if you try it, and if it works for you.

Also I’ve added a compiled version of the Editor (should run directly on Windows, and on linux/Mac you can run mono in command line giving the exe file in parameter).


The best way is to create a pull request on GitHub. You could also create a new issue on GitHub, containing the proposed changes.

Alright Scott,

I’ve just created an issue, where I attached a test program, with my “optimized version” which is of course backward compatible.

Feel free to test and do whatever you want with it. :smile:

The level editor sounds amazing have you tried making a Arduboy game maker?

Waooh… an Arduboy game maker would be very challenging, I think. And probably limited with the featrues it can provides, or limited in a certain genre. :sweat:
Anyway, maybe it will give some inspiration to others. :smile:


Hi Erwin

Danke…jetzt geht es


Awesome little game…thanks mate :smiley:


In few minutes, I will try to stream the development of a new Arduboy game from scratch. If you’re interested, you can follow me here: