Arduloop - A little chiptune step sequencer

I made a small little hack over the week trying to produce interesting chiptune-ish loops on the internal beeper

See video in tweet:

Some features so far:

  • Sine and Square waveforms, (which sounds the same due to the bad implementation :slight_smile:)
  • Noise waveform
  • Pitch modulation
  • Phase width modulation
  • Gate/Sustain lengths
  • 16 steps, 4 patterns, 8 instrument setups
  • Pattern cueing
  • Changeable BPM
  • Keeps tune saved in EEPROM

It currently does the three waveforms, with pitch and pwm modulation, but, i don’t think that’s enough, i’d love to hear your ideas on how to maybe squeeze out more than 1bit audio by using both the speaker pins for example, and if there’s any interesting approaches to do sampled audio etc…

Code is here:


This is wicked awesome. You are my hero! Thanks for the post.

P.S. Just moved it into games/apps just because it’s that awesome.

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Great work! Just dropped it on my 'boy. I’ll post a tune if I make anything sound rad :smiley:

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Hey! Thank you so much for making this program. I know you haven’t posted anything about it since, but I just want to say thank you. I love it. I’m hoping that you’ve continued development because there is so much potential here. If I could program, I’d help, but alas. Being able to hold notes would be cool. Anyway, thank you so much again. Check out the song I made with your awesome little program:


Fantastic song. Quite hypnotic.

After trying out the “real” nanoloop i got inspired to take a look at this project again, so after five years of not touching this code, i modded my Arduboy to get Audio output and Sync outputs for syncing with TE Pocket Operators and it works, and it still sounds as raw and 1-bit harsh as expected :slight_smile:


Yooo that’s sick, I know some synth punks in my area who would love that

Hi @possan ~
Thanks for the wonderful little music app!
Unfortunately the EEPROM used overwrites some of the first 16 bytes, which is system reserved.
There’s a lot of info available on EEPROM usage (and collisions!) here. You might also want to look at the latest developments in extending support for the ‘Arduboy2’ library.
Many thanks,

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