ArduMetronome.hex (26.6 KB)

My entry for Game Jam 4 - a simple metronome. Use it when practicing a musical instrument (except for maybe a drum set, it probably isn’t loud enough for that), or turn it on and hide it somewhere to annoy your family, friends and loved ones with incessant beeps.



  • Use the up/down buttons to increase/decrease beats per minute (BPM) from 35 to 250 by increments of one.
  • Use the A/B buttons to increase/decrease beats per minute (BPM) from 35 to 250 by increments of 10.
  • Use the left/right buttons to increase/decrease time signature from 2/4 to 7/8.
  • The LED will blink blue at the beginning of each measure and green on every beat in-between. So if the time signature is 4/4, it will blink blue once every four beats and green all the other ones.


Release on GitHub (contains source code and hex file)


Good job!! It’s simple and neat. In fact since you use the LED you can almost use it with the sound turned off :wink:

Thanks! I was going back and forth on whether or not the LED should blink for every beat, but I think that would go overboard on most people’s senses.

Nice job !

With the LED, you could flash it bright on every bar and dimly on every other beat. Alternatively, you could flash green / red or some other less offensive combination.


I love the idea of lighting it dimly on every beat. I’ll look into changing the brightness of the LED.

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To save you a bit of searching:

Thank you! Super helpful.

I made that change and updated the source code release - it now blinks a much dimmer green on every beat. Thank you @filmote for the idea, it actually adds a lot to it!


Awesome … now I wished I played an instrument!


I am already using it :+1: