Arduminer Development Progress

To use the Arduino IDE we need the source code.

Is there no way to distribute the game without the source code? I’m most definitely not ready to release that and I don’t know If i have the ambition to clean it up to do so at the moment.

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I believe only the Team A.R.G. loader is capable of uploading a .hex file, and it’s only available for Windows. So MAC and Linux users won’t be able to play it, except for the very few who are skilled enough to use avrdude from the command line.

The source code doesn’t have to be clean and readable. You just need to be able to compile it using the Arduino IDE.

Personally, I wouldn’t go near a game that didn’t make the source available for examination. I wouldn’t want to risk it having flaws or intentional code that could damage my Arduboy.

Fair enough, I have put together a .arduboy file, but I guess if that precludes *nix users I will just stick the source code up.

Seems like it would be pretty dumb to release a malicious .hex file. It’s not like you would be able to affect more than a couple users at most before it was flagged and I presume the mods would remove it and ban you from the community.

Bleh, the only way to get around that would be an App review process, and as someone who develops iPhone Apps for a living I have enough of that for a lifetime at work.

Is the .ino file and the .h file i used to put assets into sufficient? That is all I can find in the directory.

This is the arduboy file
This is the source, as a zip

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I just re-uploaded the source by replacing EEPROM.write with EEPROM.update. It shouldn’t matter in the slightest as the load/save code should not be something that can be stuck in a loop, but best practices I guess.

Your Arduminer.arduboy file is incorrect. It contains an Ardubminer folder with the required files in it. The required files should be in the root of the .arduboy file.

Is the game called Arduminer or Ardumine? The .hex file is Arduminer but the .ino source file is Ardumine.

Otherwise, the source is fine. It compiles properly in the Arduino IDE. You may wish to put the source files in a folder named Ardumine or Arduminer (whatever matches the name of the .ino file) in the .zip file. This way, after unzipping, the folder and its contents could be copied into the IDE sketchbook instead of having to manually create a folder.

For the game itself, I suggest you switch from using the Arduboy library to the Arduboy2 and ArduboyTones libraries. The original Arduboy library is no longer being developed.

To do this:

#include "Arduboy.h"


#include <Arduboy2.h>
#include <ArduboyTones.h>


Arduboy arduboy;


Arduboy2 arduboy;
ArduboyTones sound(;

Change all instances of to sound.tone

There’s no beginNoLogo() function in Arduboy2. You can use begin(), or if you really don’t want the boot logo, use boot() followed by feature function calls, as described in the documentation.

The ArduboyTones library handles sound muting itself, so you can get rid of all the if (playsound()) tests then control muting using and

Well, it still might help ever so slightly. If an EEPROM location that you’re writing, to save the game state, already contains the value you want to write, using EEPROM.update() will save an EEPROM write cycle.

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Cheers, I will make the relevant fixes :smiley:

This is one of my favourite games so far! Only thing that bothers me is that when my inventory is full and I have no coal I’m stuck with crafting :disappointed_relieved:

I haven’t done dev on this in ages… i should see about fixing that up.


What happened to arduvalley?

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Got put on the backburner when my second kid arrived and i never had the time to finish it off. Hopefully I can get back into that too.


That would be awesome!


OK, there is an updated .arduboy file and an update source code available at

In the crafting inventory you can now hold down ‘A’ to drop one of each item. Let me know if that is sufficient :stuck_out_tongue:

I also updated the menu screen for fun


Thank you so much! I was searching for a long lasting game for my Arduboy just now :star_struck:

When I try to compile it gives me:
exit status 1
‘readBlockIDat’ was not declared in this scope

Ok, I’ll look into it today. It might be the library is outdated

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Yeah I get the same response. Oh and I updated the arduboy 2 library. :P

Ok, try again. There is fixed source code now, with new library support

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Yay it worked. Good timing I got to go out now :smile:

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