Arduminer Development Progress

That would be awesome!


OK, there is an updated .arduboy file and an update source code available at

In the crafting inventory you can now hold down ‘A’ to drop one of each item. Let me know if that is sufficient :stuck_out_tongue:

I also updated the menu screen for fun


Thank you so much! I was searching for a long lasting game for my Arduboy just now :star_struck:

When I try to compile it gives me:
exit status 1
‘readBlockIDat’ was not declared in this scope

Ok, I’ll look into it today. It might be the library is outdated

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Yeah I get the same response. Oh and I updated the arduboy 2 library. :P

Ok, try again. There is fixed source code now, with new library support

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Yay it worked. Good timing I got to go out now :smile:

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only current bug i know of is if you want sound you need to turn it off and on

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That would be great! Looking forward to it!

Jul is crafting ok? i saw you deleted the above post?

Yes crafting is perfect now! Last post was useless cause I didn’t read well the crafting guide :sweat_smile:.
Btw great menu right there


When I want to discard a stack of objects with less than 7 pieces in, it discards instead another stack of the same material that is full.

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I think it just discards from the first stack it finds, I will update to remove from the selected stack, thanks for finidng this