Arduminer - Terraria like game by Bergasms

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Mining, crafting and combat on your arduboy. Explore 64 procedurally generated levels, conquer dungeons and upgrade your kit to survive progressively stronger enemies.

This is my main arduboy game to date. It is also the game I have used to learn everything about programmning on the arduboy, and arduino in general. With that said, the code is certainly not the cleanest. Add to that the poor documentation and agressive packing of info into every bit available and things can get a bit crazy. If you are trying to understand some part of the code and need help, drop me an email, i’ll see if I can remember the horrors past me inflicted on innocent bytes.

There is A Short Video of Arduminer in action here

The game itself is a little like terraria. You can mine to the left/right of your player and the block left-down or right-down. You can place blocks below, next to and above your current level. The aim is simply to get to the bottom of the level. There are 7 stars hidden in dungeons through the game, and if you collect them all then you are awesome, that is about all i can promise.

You can grab the .arduboy file here
You can grab the source code here
You can grab the updated source code here
The web page that will have the how to and recipes is here, it has screenshots

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V 1.1:

(No licence though… ; n ;)


Cannot wait to try it!

Since this is version 1, may I host it on my Arduboy Manager repo?

Of course, feel free to also host ARtillery

Cool looking game, seems to be pretty packed with content. Eagerly awaiting the how-to as I try and figure it out.

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Yeah I am working on it. As an interim though.

Every ore requires a piece of coal to smelt into an ingot.
Some ingots are combinations of previous ingots and coal. eg steel is iron ingot and coal.

Armour recipes are as follows.
Iron boots = 4 iron.
Steel boots = 4 steel + iron boots.
Chrome boots = 4 chrome, 1 steel, steel boots.
Inconel boots = 4 inconel, 1 steel, chrome boots.

Helm is same as boots, but 5 of ingot instead of four.
Pants same as helm but 6 of ingot, and the last two recipes need 2 steel.
Chestplate same as pants but 7 of ingot, and last two recipes need 3 steel.

Basically armour always requires the previous iteration, and the tiers go Iron, Steel, Chrome, Inconel.

Iron sword = 2 iron.
Steel sword = 1 iron, 2 steel, iron sword.
Katana = 1 iron, 1 steel, 2 chrome, steel sword.
Claymore = 1 iron, 2 steel, 2 inconel, Katana.

Apples are dropped randomly from mobs when you kill them.
Golden apples = apple + 7 gold ingots.

Breaking a dungeon spawner block will give you some random loot (kinda op at the moment, might have to balance that).

To heal hearts, you need to eat Apples and Gapples. Gapples heal 2 hearts, apples heal half hearts.
The game will prioritise healing such that if you have more than 2 hearts damage it will eat gapples first. If you have less than 2 hearts damage it will eat apples first to try and max out. But it will always attempt to eat, so if you have a half heart damage and eat with only a gapple it will consume the gapples, so eat wisely. FYI, dungeon spawner blocks always drop a gapple as an incentive.

I think thats about it. Beware mobs getting stuck in the floor block below you, i have to iron that bug out some time.

Any more questions or queries just ask.

FYI, the armour and sword work on a “chance to damage/prevent damage” type of system. So if for example a slime hits you for 10 damage (not ten hearts, 10 damage, the hearts represent 200 hit points), if you have no armour you take it all. If you have, say, steel boots, you get to roll a dice a couple times to reduce the damage. the more armour and the higher tier it is, the more rolls you get at better chances to reduce the damage. This pays dividends as you go deeper because mob attack damage increases.

Likewise the better the sword the more damage you can do as you hit mobs.


1.I filled my bag,but i cant drop items in my bag.
2.I have already got 7 iron ingot but still can not find the recipe of CHESTPLATE

Let me see what I can figure out for you

OK, I set the sketch up to dump the recipe info, here it is. Note, there could be a bug or two in the game which i will have to fix for you. There is currently no way to drop an item, I will need to add that in. In the mean time you could always take damage and eat apples if you have any to free some space, or you can edit the save file (I can tell you how). If not, sit tight and I will implement dropping items from inventory this weekend.

Iron Ingot: Iron Ore x 1, Coal x 1,
Nickel Ingot: Nickel Ore x 1, Coal x 2,
Gold Ingot: Gold Ore x 1, Coal x 1,
Chrome Ingot: Chrome Ore x 1, Coal x 2,
Steel: Iron Ingot x 1, Coal x 1,
Inconel: Steel x 2, Nickel Ingot x 1, Chrome Ingot x 1, Coal x 1,
Chrome: Steel x 2, Chrome Ingot x 1, Coal x 1,
Stainless: Chrome Ingot x 1, Coal x 1,
Gold Apple: Apple x 1, Gold Ingot x 6,

Iron Boots: Iron Ingot x 4, No Upgrade,
Steel Boots: Steel x 4, Level 1,
Stainless Boots: Stainless x 4, Steel x 1, Level 2,
Inconel Boots: Inconel x 4, Steel x 1, Level 3,

Iron Helm: Iron Ingot x 5, No Upgrade,
Steel Helm: Steel x 5, Level 1,
Stainless Helm: Stainless x 5, Steel x 1, Level 2,
Inconel Helm: Inconel x 5, Steel x 1, Level 3,

Iron Pants: Iron Ingot x 6, No Upgrade,
Steel Pants: Steel x 7, Level 1,
Stainless Pants: Stainless x 7, Steel x 2, Level 2,
Inconel Pants: Inconel x 7, Steel x 2, Level 3,

Iron Chest: Iron Ingot x 7, Steel x 1, No Upgrade,
Steel Chest: Steel x 7, Stainless x 1, Steel x 2, Level 1,
Stainless Chest: Stainless x 7, Inconel x 1, Steel x 2, Level 2,
Inconcel Chest: Inconel x 7, Stainless x 2, Steel x 2, Level 3,

Iron Sword: Iron Ingot x 2, No Upgrade,
Steel Sword: Iron Ingot x 1, Steel x 2, Level 1,
Katana: Iron Ingot x 1, Steel x 1, Stainless x 2, Level 2,
Claymore: Iron Ingot x 1, Steel x 2, Inconel x 3, Level 3,


Awesome support! @Bergasms This is my favorite game to tell people about right now! :gem::hammer:

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Thanks, hearing that is what makes it worthwhile. I am currently working on version 2 with some fixes, a few updates etc. Now that it seems mostly stable I feel comfortable using up the last bit of progmem.

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for somereason i cant get the sourcecode to extract right, can you just post it somewhere??? i reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeealy want to play this

Hi, my website took a bit of a hit the other day (massive server crash) so there could be some other issue.

I will get a new zip up ASAP to try and sort out your problem. I am at work at the moment though, so you will have to wait at least a couple hours :slight_smile:

thats fine take your time, im super excited to play but ive got plenty others to keep me buisy in the meantime

Try this

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unzipped properly compiling now… soooooooooooo excited to play, i wanted to make a minecraft like (verry limmited ofcorse) game but you already did, i tip my hat to you sir, you are a scholar and a gentleman

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This was my first arduboy game, I am going to improve it a bit once I finish Ardu Valley

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there is always room for improvement but its a great start, took me a bit to figure it out… er im still figuring it out lol ,do you HAVE to build armour in order, ie boots helm legs plate?

No, you don’t have to build the pieces in order, but you have the build a previous piece of the same type before you can upgrade to the next one.

eg, you could go.

Iron Chestplate,
Iron Leggings,
Steel Leggings,
iron boots.

But you couldn’t go
Iron Chestplate,
Steel Leggings,
Iron Boots.

If that makes sense.

oooook gotcha, i was trying to skip making iron stuffs

if someone felt so inclined … to adjust this #define level_height 32 …

would that make the lvl taller and have everything else work just fine?

hmmmm, I am not sure it would work that smoothly. For the most part yes… but yeah…

I can experiment with that, or if you like, you can :smiley:

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