Arduminer - Terraria like game by Bergasms

did we ever find a way to drop items? if not im stuck :frowning:

Blah, yeah i wrote most of the update for that but then my website went down and i never shared it. I will get on that ASAP though, as it’s a pain point. I will try get it uploaded in my lunch break today. If you have any apples or gapples taking damage and then eating should give you some free spots.

what happened to your site? you mentioned a catastrophic system failure

The people I host with had a major outage, things were nuked, I told them not to bother restoring mine from a backup because it gives me a good chance to start from a clean slate (and I have everything backed up locally anyway).

ya it would be dumb not to back up everything

also change the gold apples to apple plus 1 gold, at this point the gold are not worth mining as they will have to sit in my limmited inventory too long and for what?

btw where can i find nickel and iconnel?

Nickel is found as nickel ore and smelted. inconel is a recipe of nickel, chrome and steel.

I think I might introduce a few more recipes and things with the PROGMEM i still have to make gold more valuable. Possible some sort of explosive item or something.

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make a trunk at the top of each lvl that can hold crap IN that lvl, goes away when you go to the next lvl if you dont empty it ect

im not entierly shure if i have seen nickel ore anywhere

Nickel ore is weighted to not appear very often early but to show up more later. Also it will sometimes appear when you mine out a spawner (as loot)

changed lvl height to 100… juuuuuuuuuuuuust to see what would happen, compiling now wish me luck

Just wondering… How “finished” is this game?

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Pretty finished. I have a few updates to do for version 2 (mostly a few bugfixes) but you could consider the current version
a completed game. v 2.0 should be out in mid April


for the record changing the lvl height, does not work,

it probably won’t changing it to 100, I believe I am using a long (64 bits) to store mined vs not mined, so any value greater than that will break things. But, feel free to play around with values and see what you get :smiley:

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i think i tried doubling it aswell :stuck_out_tongue: regardless some things are left better to the creator, its fun as is

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Hi Linked, thanks for reporting this. I’ll add it to the list of things to verify and fix. An updated version is coming out in a couple weeks, most likely, I will ensure it is fixed for that


Is version 2.0 out yet? If not when will it be?

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Tough question, I haven’t done arduboy dev for months now. I’m busy ATM with family and work, sadly, so it’s low priority

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For anyone wondering, this was updated with a few fixes recently, most importantly you can hold down A in the inventory to drop 1 of the selected item