Ardumon Mockup Image

A different name would be fine with me for sure. I like Discmonsters.
As for sprite size, I’d say it would be worth doing 16x16 instead of 8x8. You’d need more tiles for the world to feel large with 8x8 and with the methods we’ve used to render the world, 16 different tiles in 8x8 versus 16x16 would only save 384 bytes but the world would feel much larger and more detailed.

Edit: for reference, Arduventure used 1888 bytes for 59 tiles. But that was to have 4 unique areas with decorative tiles. That wouldn’t necessarily be required for this game, but it is doable.
Edit2: for 59 8x8 tiles it would be 472 bytes so a savings of 1416 bytes. I would still say it is worth it though.


Good point. If the saved space is only over 400 bytes, then it’s hardly even worth it.
Edit: That is a lot, considering the 32kb the arduboy has. Guess it is worth it, but what if there were to be no scrolling as you move around the land and instead it was, like the original Legend of Zelda’s screen on the nes?

I think I said something along that line somewhere in there but I agree. Like I mentioned with the hms, pulling them off of the pokes is definitely something that should be used vs the original method. My biggest issue is how the formula works vs how the player assumes it works. Great balls shouldn’t ever be better than ultraballs and the cuttoff where lowering hp stops increasing your odds is not transparent. + The ghost check.

This is why I stopped playing after 4th gen. One of my favorite teams was built around luring the opponents blissy out and then stat boosting a lanturn with charge beam till it could 2HKO said blissy and then roll a whole team. I had a similar set up with a rest/snore polywrath. Using NU’s to dismantle meta teams brings out a special kind of salt. I’ve never heard of lab, but Its been a while since I was involved. Smogon still uses Showdown, but that also opens a can of worms over smogons ou ladder vs the official meta.

I’ve never really looked into it. The card reader packs are pretty shoddy as is and disconnect a lot. If I had to guess it probably involves them to some degree. I only mentioned it since it runs the game at x4 speed, which really reduced the effort to grind out evolutions when trying to fill the pokedex. I’ve gone through the effort to train a comp team on my blue cart but filling the dex is too much. 20-30 mons would be different however.

I mean it more to make a point than hard estimates. In a case of 20 monsters dropping stone evolution for even 1 more poke would be worth it to me at least. At 30, 1 might not be as worth it. This assumes all of the monsters are properly balanced and there’s no garbage ones (Masquerain).

My point is the variety In team building is the most valuable aspect in terms of gameplay to me. In a case of 3 monster teams, going from 20-21 adds 190 additional team combinations assuming no repetition and order doesn’t matter.

I like that name, especially if other community characters are snuck into the game.

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I agree, Ardumon is a bit cliché.
Discmon would be good.
Or Bitmon.

It’s harder to judge the space algorithms use because you can’t be sure how the compiler will optimise until it’s written.

I don’t think anyone intended that.
It was early days, they weren’t used to programming and they weren’t maths geniuses.
(Nintendo started off making cards, they never dreamed they’d be making Pokemon when they started.)

Again, that only applies to Gen 1.
It’s better to just ignore the weird edge cases,
bringing them up doesn’t help anything.

I pick strong attacks and pray that they do decent damage :P
I don’t bother with the meta game at all.
I barely strategise beyond type effectiveness and move effects.

I make it 1040.

fact(20)/fact(17) = 6840
fact(21)/fact(18) = 7980
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Now that you mention that, the name would make sense well since the game would be ,in a way, like a crossover with other arduboy characters. What characters would be included in your opinion? I’d say Circuit dude and Flynn would be must a must since there really well known in this community.

The Easter Bunny:
And Frosty.

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easter bunny’s team:22020182351382202018235158dotpict_20180327_190949
1.Bunnerina: Rabbit.
2.Dribby: Baby chick.
3.Blushberry: Represents candy.

Frosty’s team:22820181937432202018235492202018235424

1.Rameer: Santa’s Raine deer.
2.Pengunter: Penguins!
3.Paragrasp: Representing the ghost of christmas.

Just a little something to help come up with team ideas.


@pharap I used the N choose R formula, not the permutation formula to be conservative. In hindsight it wasn’t the most accurate. Though not fully evolved monsters shouldn’t necessary be included if your considering the end game case of teams for a battle tower/ elite boss.

Team arg protags as gym leaders. @pharap 's skull as a sudo legendary.


What would it be called? I’m think Pharskull.

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Tbh it normally reminds me of a squid vs a skull. Maybe pharapmon. Farapap, skullrap, squidrap

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Hrm, combinations.

In hindsight I think it should technically it should be the combination count since the order doesn’t matter.

fact(20)/fact(17) * 1/fact(3) = 1140
fact(21)/fact(18)* 1/fact(3) = 1330

So yeah, 190 combinations without repetition.
They never taught us this stuff in school :P.



That’s a bit obvious.

I vote Dokuroi, a portmanteau of dokuro (どくろ, Japanese for skull) and kuroi (くろい, Japanese for black/criminal/evil/unlucky).


Or Doshiro.
Kuro (くろ, 黒) is Japanese for black, shiro (しろ, 白)is Japanese for white, hence it’s a pun.

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True, but I wanted it to be blatantly obvious so it can be easy to see that it’s based on you. :smile:

I like the name word Dokuroi/Doshiro and how it has a japanese meaning too. What if there were two variations. One named Dokuroi with a more evil and dark design and Doshiro with a more pure looking design.

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Very tangenty but, I only know it do to the dependency on standerdized testing as it’s generally useless outside of gatcha questions.

How about ika (イカ) for the name.

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Meh, I think it’s more of an easter egg if it’s cryptic. :P

Besides, if it turns up in similar circumstances to other easter eggs then it’ll probably still be obvious.

Besides, how many other disembodied skulls do you know that frequent the forums? :P

That would be really cool if we had the room.


I think if I had to choose between them though I’d err on the side of ‘Doshiro’ because it’ll be easier to pronounce to people who aren’t used to Japanese.
(Dokuroi is a bit hard to pronounce, it’s half way between ‘dokuro-ee’ and ‘dokuroy’.)

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It can be very useful in certain circumstances, especially probability related things.

Intending to mean what?
Doctor, clothes rack, catabolism, medical science, squid, kite?

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Hmmm… Probably squid.

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A design of Doshiro. I think it’s design doesn’t look very evil (besides the ill intent you can see in it’s eyes).

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If 32x32 is permitted you could just use this:


Or variations thereupon:


Hrm, not so sure.
Maybe a bit more like this:


Or at least without the nose hole and single dot eyes:


I’m sorry, I haven’t a clue.
It’s a squid? (Or a kid?)

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I’ll make it more squidshaped tomorrow lol. Tbh it’s more of a cuttlefish through my warped perspective.

If a monstetdex is included, it should be an arduboy. Perhaps only in promotional material due to memory.
I’ll have to think of some other monsters for other contributors tomorrow now that I’ve started this spiral.

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