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(Pharap) #122

Essentially any method will be a way of combining a pool of monsters and some kind of probability.
The monsters would have a fixed probability and the random number would be used in conjunction with that to select a monster.

But there’s multiple ways to do that.
So far we’ve got two.


Nice, so the less costly method would be the most ideal.
It’s funny how this topic grew over 100 replys in only a few days, and so many ideas have been thought of and discussed, but I doubt we’re even half way done, aren’t we? :smile:

(Gavin Atkin) #124

What I’d suggest is building a document with everything you hope to have included, with priorities associated with them. If the full set of features won’t fit, have in mind what gets cut and in which order. With any Arduboy game, it’s not a matter of if you hit the PROGMEM cap, it’s when.

By the time I was implementing the battle engine we had about 1500 bytes left. The shop and inn were also not implemented yet. I found more space, but everything was taken by the graphics (which could be limited to 1 or 2 tileset per over world sketch), music, text, menus, and whatever else. With a bigger emphasis on battling and capturing monsters I think a more complicated battle is definitely possible. This was just an explanation of my anxiety lol.


So in other other words, if this game were to come to fruition, the person or team that would be working on it would have to compromise greatly to have memory for the 30 or so monsters, overworld, battling, capturing system etc.

If so, I say the overworld should be kept simple in graphics as it would effect the enjoyment of playing the game if important mechanics were to be removed. I’ve said this before, but I think It’d save a good amount of space if the world were just to be made by 8x8 tiles and/or scrolling was removed. The overworld is the least important aspect when it comes to visuals in my opinion.

(Gavin Atkin) #126

Removing scrolling won’t save space. It may even increase usage. 8x8 would save space but not much. I don’t remember off the top of my head if 8x8 would be supported in my world editor. I think it’s pretty well set up for 16x16.

(Stephane C) #127

What if the monsters were to be captured in a procedurally generated cave that uses only 1 tile set? that would leave you more space for gameplay right?

And you would maybe have like a home screen where you could train your monsters, a little like in Monster Rancher? Damn i loved that game back then.

(Gavin Atkin) #128

I built a procedurally generated map engine a little while back. Worked well, wouldn’t save a lot from the overworld in Arduventure that is 3072x3072 pixels which is 1152 screens and I think that’s probably plenty. Releasing DLC type extra overworlds that could be completed in any order like @Pharap suggested would make the game last a very long time.


I feel if it were just a cave setting, it wouldn’t feel very diverse and open. We also would have to give them an energy bar that’d require a in game clock if there were training other than battling monsters you encounter. Otherwise, without a energy meter to limit the amount of training you do would render battling wild monsters obsolete, but that’s just my perspective. It’d work though if there wasn’t any capture or battling system.

(Gavin Atkin) #130

A forest tileset wouldn’t require many tiles. Anything with walls could require more to have corners that connect for different cases. Water areas don’t take many tiles either. Though if the walls were black everywhere except for the back wall caves wouldn’t take many tiles either.

Like how the pokemon centers are set up.


True, that’d save a good amount of space. What’s your knowledge/ two cents on animated tiles. Do you know/think that they would take up a lot of space?


What about translations as well? If there were to be translations, I say, besides english, spanish, japanese, and mandarin are a must.

(Pharap) #133

They’ll always be more costly than static tiles, but by how much depends on the implementation.

Personally I think avoiding them would be better, or at least don’t add them until later if there’s space free.

Most games here don’t bother since most of the forum speaks English to some degree.

(Multiple languages was one of the features of my unreleased Minesweeper game, and I hope to one day add it to Easter Panic.)

I think it’s probably better to avoid that unless there’s a demand for it afterwards.


Good point. No need in putting in anything unnecessary if there’s no room/demand for it.

(Gavin Atkin) #135

Animated tiles aren’t too bad. As @Pharap said, it will take more space than a static tile; each frame takes up space in memory, and then some equation will need to be used and/or a variable tracked. It’s not difficult to implement though.


I think I suggested something along those lines at some oint. Each hex could be a different region and use a different tile set. like if the 4 regions in arduventure where split up into 4 hex’s. This could be compounded too by having certain monsters only encounterable in certain areas. Like the snail sprite revlis made only be in artic/mountain tileset areas etc. That might save a little space too by having less cases for random encounters.

(Simon) #137

Truer words have never been spoken.


After playing Arduventure for a while, I see that it’s pretty much Pokémon without Pokéballs. I think that once the game is released to everyone, one could learn a lot from the source code.


I made my own version of @Freezingsnail’s squid
dotpict_20180416_221603dotpict_20180416_221803dotpict_20180416_222110dotpict_20180416_223152dotpict_20180416_222131dotpict_20180416_222215dotpict_20180416_222433dotpict_20180416_223135dotpict_20180416_222540dotpict_20180416_222618 dotpict_20180416_222638dotpict_20180416_223210dotpict_20180416_222702dotpict_20180416_222713dotpict_20180416_222738dotpict_20180416_223216dotpict_20180416_222806dotpict_20180416_222819dotpict_20180416_223203dotpict_20180416_224309

20 variations… I think I over did it a bit.


My favorite one is the ninth from the left. I do think 20 variations is a bit overkill. If I can find time today I’ll see if I can come up with anything.


Alright, so how about held items? Would that be included in this hypothetical game that will hopefully exist? I feel held items would definetly add to the strategy in the game, and if it can fit, there could be a mini game or two in there aswell