ArduPaint - Pixel Art Creator

A simple program for creating little pieces of art on your arduboy! :slight_smile:


Pencil - Draws pixels on canvas with the selected color
Fill Screen - Fills the entire screen with the selected color
Line - Draws a line on canvas with the selected color
White - Puts white as the selected color
Black - Puts black as the selected color
Swap - When using a tool, white pixels are going to be turned into black, and black into white
Canvas - Place to draw
Art Pieces - These are your art pieces. By selecting one, you will be able to draw on the selected picture
Save - Saves the selected art piece to EEPROM (available in the next update)
Load - Loads an art piece from EEPROM (available in the next update)

A - Select / Draw
B - Toggle between tool select and canvas
Arrows - selecting tools / moving the cursor

Download: (version 1.0)


May I suggest that you upload the actual file(s) to GitHub instead of a .zip file? GitHub will create a .zip file containing the entire repository when you select
Clone or download > Download ZIP

oooh, I didn’t know that, well thank you!

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