ArduRacer - A Trackmania type time trial game

ArduRacer.ino-arduboy.hex (78.8 KB)
A top down racing time trail racing game for the ArduBoy


ArduRacer ReSpeed

Game works like follows, if you beat the number 2 time, you can advance to the next stage.
You need to do 5 laps on each stage.
The stages have checkpoints which you have go through
Your fastest lap time is what gets you to advance.

The HUD is something like
1- 3.14 4/7

1 is your current lap of 5
4/7 is checkpoints you have passed for current lap
3.14 is your current lap time
B is best time.
If you get a better time it changes to a *
On the top right is a speed gauge ( It should always be full!)


  • Top down racing action
  • 10 Stages
  • Smooth scrolling
  • Saves best times and stage progression automatically when you get a better time or progress stages
  • Can use Tiled to make maps

Will gauge interest, then still looking to add a few things

  • Victory Sound / Lose Sound
  • Actual Lap Times from gameplay to aim for
  • Some optimisations for the zoom (it’s too slow)
  • Once I work out my space, secret levels.
  • Maybe drifting physics… or save off Road Drifting for V2 ArduRacer OffRoad :slight_smile:
    It was really fun building a tile mapped stage engine and then just using Tiled to build the maps.

I hope you have fun playing it.


Looks great … I really like the zoom and countdown effects!

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I like! Presentation is definitely up there and I’m slowly getting better at control haha

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