ArduRPG (free assets for Arduventure)

Hello :slight_smile:

I am trying to create free assets (including a new story) for the Arduventure engine. Mainly for two reasons:

  • A lot of people are unhappy about the Arduventure asssets being proprietary. This should offer a completely free alternative.
  • When the engine is out there, why not make more games for it?

Thanks goes to TEAM a.r.g. for creating the engine and licensing it freely! You probably know them, but for any newcomers: check out their websites.

My repo is here. I don’t expect contributions at this stage but if you’re particularly interested, feel free to let me know.



I’ll be posting progress here - all my art posted in this thred is CC0, feel free to do whatever you want with it.

WIP tiles:


castle walls:


WIP bosses:



Tileset version 1 completed:



You really are going all out on this aren’t you? You really don’t agree with Team A.R.G. keeping the assets under copyright? I have a feeling your not going to get much traction here. Much like your last couple of posts.


A lot? I can only think of one.

@fredster no need to delete your post. It’s valid commentary.


Thank You Simon. I undelleted it.

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You really don’t agree with Team A.R.G. keeping the assets under copyright?

I am okay with it, I am creating new ones. TEAM a.r.g. themselves approved of this, which they wouldn’t have to, but I am glad they did. Please calm down.

A lot? I can only think of one.

There are many when accounting for the community size – take a look e.g. at this issue.

I can’t speak for the rest of TEAM a.r.g., but I personally would love to see Arduventure modded however anyone saw fit. Swapped assets certainly fix the licensing issue and we’ve always had open source code. :smiley:


Ah … Alex Gleason, your comrade in arms. He came through a few months ago spouting the same sort of stuff you are … then he disappeared.

I don’t quite think this thread is headed in the right direction. Let’s try to keep the discussion about open source and licensing of Arduboy games to the appropriate thread that @drummyfish has already created. :grinning:

I do think modding the graphics for some Arduboy games is a cool idea. People do it with Pokemon ROM’s all the time and sometimes the mods look great.


Thank you @crait and @Gaveno. I don’t want to steal anything from anybody, just creating a new game. I want it to not be a simple clone but a new interpretation of the top-down RPG style. My plan is to have it a bit darker, less Pokémon-like, a bit more scary. Please don’t bash me, it’ll be good, I promise :slight_smile:




I don’t want to generate an off-topic discussion, but I want to bring something to people’s attention.

I decided to do a bit of digging into who these people actually are because I don’t recognise any of their usernames or accounts and I sometimes dig around forum member’s GitHub accounts and regularly follow a lot of the other forum members.

disk0x states on their website that they are:

a Linguistics student and Free Culture/Free Software advocate from Cyprus.

Jorgesumle (upvoter) states in their GitHub profile:

Mostly, I use this account to contribute to free software projects. I develop my own projects elsewhere because GitHub itself is proprietary.

Aggsol’s (upvoter) GitHub profile:

Follow my software projects at GitLab. This is a bug reporting account.

(By spooky coincidence I ended up at his GitLab account yesterday because I was looking at ports of Bob Nystrom’s Lox language, one of which was Aggsol’s.)

Necklace’s (upvoter) GitHub Profile:

Note: due to unforeseen events (the acquiring of shithub), I have moved all my repositories to GitLab:

Mary Kate Fain (upvoter), I know for a fact lives in the same ‘commune’/‘rat sanctury’ as Alex Gleason
(It’s called ‘Uptwinkles’, after an occupy wall street movement hand signal similar to applause.)
The commune’s website currently isn’t responding, but if you need proof that they know each other, look at
(She may even be the girlfriend that Alex mentions.)

ScrumpyJack (upvoter) is a genuine forum member (albeit one who hasn’t been active for some time).

The others all have very little Github activity and none of their usernames match up to forum usersnames.

I’ll leave people to draw their own conclusions, but I’m seeing a clear pattern here.
To me it looks to me like most of these GitHub users are people who don’t actually participate in the Arduboy forums.
In fact I dare suggest that they might not even own Arduboys and that they might just be there to try to bully TeamARG into releasing their assets as open source.

I’m glad this issue has been brought to light as I think many of us on the forum were not aware of what had gone on and I for one feel sorry for @TEAMarg.
@TEAMarg has the right to keep their assets ‘closed source’ if they want to do so.

Personally I belive using the engine to make a game that has ‘open source’ assets is the best compromise because it respects TeamARG’s wishes and still allows others to have a version of the Arduventure engine where they don’t have to worry about replacing the assets.

Acceptance and compromise are the best ways forward, not pestering or bullying.


Wise word once again @Pharap. I might say I felt a bit bullied too, but let’s not. I think we have a nice compromise here where no one gets hurt :slight_smile:


The code needs some serious cleanup anyway. I’d like to make it more suitable for studying and editing. Currently there’s a lot of spaghetti (e.g. stateGameBattle), inconsistent naming, function documentation, magic numbers, half of the code is commented out, seeing stuff like:

  if (!wordOrSentence)                                                        
    i += pgm_read_byte(&library[i]) + 1;                                      
    i += pgm_read_byte(&sentences[i]) + 1; 

I’ve also found some bugs, will probably try to fix them. The scope of this project may eventually get bigger than just creating asset replacements.

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I’d really like a darker Arduventure-like game!


I’ll try to get back to this :slight_smile: IIRC I have my own graphics and music already, have done a big code cleanup and fixed a few bugs. I only have to create my own world map now – this may take a while because I have no editor (@Gaveno was very helpful and sent me his map editor, but sadly I can’t run it on my Linux).

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The source or an executable?
If you had the source then it should be possible to translate it.

You could install XEN or Virtual box and emulate a Windows machine to run it.

Executable. It was written in Game Maker Studio, which TBH I don’t know much about.

I tried Wine and VirtualBox, but neither worked :confused:

Oh dear. I’m having flashbacks.

I was going to offer to try to port it, but now I’m not so sure.

Maybe GM Studio is better than GM was, but from what I know of the original GM, I’m inherantly biased against both.

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hmm, that is weird. I’ve used virtual box on Windows, Mac and Linux. What kind of issue where you running up against?