ArduRPG (free assets for Arduventure)

(Miloslav Číž) #21

I tried for some time but this is what I got. I might be able to make it work if I invested more effort into it, but I don’t really enjoy working with Windows and doing all this kind of things. I prefer to spend the time on studying the source code of the game and creating the map manually (or maybe creating my own simple helper tools to do that). I think if you contact @Gaveno he might be open to the idea of providing the editor for other people.

(Pharap) #22

For the record, those aren’t Windows errors that I would expect to encounter.

God knows why a cabinet file is involved, I have used those precisely once in my life and only because I was testing different compression methods.
(It did better than .7z and .zip, but got beaten by .tar.gz.).

Failing to create a D3D device implies either the drivers aren’t installed correctly or the settings aren’t right for some reason.

(Either way I blame GameMaker :P.)

(Julien) #23

This looks really neat.

(Miloslav Číž) #24

Thank you!

I think this will unfortunately be on hold for a little longer now, because I will be creating a small project for another console, but right after that I will probably get back to Arduboy and this game, so stay tuned!

( All files are available if anyone feels like contributing in the meanwhile :slight_smile: )

(Matt) #25

Thanks for making these. I am using the chest in my game, and probably more. I will give you credit of course!

(Josh Goebel) #26

Totally understand why TEAMArg might not want to freely license their graphical assets - but equally happy to see someone working on an open tile set that you can drop right in and use the engine.

(Matt) #27

@drummyfish I like your art. I wanted to use it in my previous game but it got scrapped due to space issues.

But this time I managed to fit some of it. Helped the game pop visually, thanks!



(Kevin) #28

Wow I’m several months late for it, but Arduboy has memes now

I love this new artwork! I love RPGS for the Arduboy, they are my favorite game. With extended flash memory, there could be lots of STORY too!