ArduSaver (quite useless)

Do you feel your OLED is suffering from critical levels of burn-in? Is nostalgia spoiling your working day? ArduSaver to the rescue!


It could use a mipmap on the smaller sizes but time’s up :slight_smile:


Ahhhh the memories! Does it crash like Windows 95?

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This is sick! Arduboy is on the good path to have a real OS :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wait… Windows 95 was a real OS? Always thought it was just a fancy GUI for DOS 6.22 :stuck_out_tongue:

Well ‘real’ is a strong word. Windows 3.1 was a thin vaneer over DOS.

Oh hell yes! I love the settings menu!

OMG so many good entries this time how will we ever choose?

Very fun, I would love to see a grey screen of death! :smiley:

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HAHAHA, awesome this is.