ArduSketch - An Arduboy Paint Program


ArduSketch is a paint style program running on the Arduboy. The Goal of the program is to provide a tool to aid developers designing artwork for games.


A - Toggles Pixels / Ok B - Menu / Cancel


  • 5 different image sizes (8x8, 16x16, 32x32, 64x64,128x64)
  • Arduino image code output via serial
  • SVG image output via serial
  • 3 Zoom Levels (1x,2x,4x)
  • Custom Display Functions


Mini Golf

Happy Face



The Source code for the application can be found at [GitHub][1].

Version 0.1.1

Initial Release

To Do

  • Add image drawn with program to Title Screen
  • Read Image Arrays From Serial Input To Load Image
  • Dynamic Image Sizes

Alltime Classic!
Must Have!

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Could this be used to design arduboy game graphics?

Don’t think so, and besides there are much better ways to design the graphics on your computer.

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Can you give me some examples?

It says it outputs the image as code to the computer via the Serial port so I think it can be used to make graphics. You can use something as simple as paint to create graphics for the Arduboy as well

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Its not working for my arduboy 1.0 :cry:

ArduSketch uses it’s own custom version of a very old release of the Arduboy library. It will only work on the Arduboy DevKit hardware.