ArduSki - A skiing game

Hey everyone! I just wanted to share my first Arduboy game, ArduSki! I originally wrote the game for Gamebuino Classic / MAKERbuino and just finished porting it over. I owe a huge thanks to @akkera102 for porting the Gamebuino libraries as well as @eried and everyone else over at this post for figuring out how to fill the whole screen.


Download Source and Binaries here:

Note: You will need to enter flashlight mode to upload a new game to your Arduboy after installing ArduSki (hold Up while powering on your Arduboy). I included the flashlight mode code from the arduboy2 libraries in order to make this possible.

I hope everyone enjoys it, feedback is always welcome!



Just posting a new animated gif screenshot, the original filesize was too large to render.



The game is quite fun. I like that you didnt use too many sounds as listening to the buzzer for long periods an be quite jarring i think.
It took me a while to realize that you can jump but even with that its very a challenge to get above 1000m.

I’m glad you enjoyed it @Xhaku! My personal best is 1744 meters :sweat_smile:

It was fun! The entire time playing though I was thinking “What if they called it Arskino?”

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