Arduslide - simple tile slide game

My first game for the Arduboy (only my second game ever)…

Pull requests welcome :slight_smile:


woooow i :heart: it :heart_eyes:
would be so great if you could also implement a timer and hi-score (timebased solution)

maybe pressing both fire buttons could shuffle it new ???

Good idea! Especially since some 3x3 puzzles are insolvable.

I originally had a hacked version of that in… didn’t work so well so I ripped it out. I’ll re-add it.

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sounds cool because i solved it in about 3 - 4 minutes

Both features have been added :slight_smile: Give it a try…

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veeeeeeeeeeery cool :grinning: thanks a million :heart_eyes:


Cool game. I especially love puzzle games like this good work