ArduSnake - a Snake game

I wrote an article about Arduboy for the French magazine “Programmez!” (
The article explains how to install the IDE, create a HelloWorld and how to make a Snake game for the Arduboy.
The main purpose of this article is to introduce Arduboy and its community to French peoples.
The game I made inside this article is open source and available for download in the link above. It is also available on Github :
Comments are in French language but the code is in English.

Here is a video preview of the game :

I hope you will find it usefull.


Seems fun and the code is a great resource to look through, too bad I don’t know any French haha!

Thank you. I think I will make an english version of the source.


Cool game bro nice work it deserves a pat on the back!

Nice one, although I would be a bit more happier if the comments are in english (the variables are self-commenting, Good!)
Ain’t see a good example of OOP (Object Oriented Programming) in days…