Ardutosh - Classic Macintosh style desktop environment


Ardutosh is an OS / desktop environment for the Arduboy made for the Arduboy game jam 4 (theme: ‘not a game’). The style is inspired by the classic Macintosh interface. It has the following features:

  • Serial terminal
  • Remote app : use your Arduboy as a USB keyboard and mouse when plugged into a PC. Gamepad mapping for USB keyboard for use with games.
  • Notes text editor allows you to save text to the EEPROM
  • EEPROM hex editor: inspect and edit hex values of your Arduboy’s EEPROM
  • Battery voltage monitor
  • Internal temperature monitor
  • LED tester


  • D-pad controls mouse pointer
  • A : toggle on screen keyboard
  • B : mouse click

Release binaries here:

Source code available here:


This fits the theme perfectly, really nicely done.


This is sick! imagine @Mr.Blinky Arduboy Loader somehow in this interface with tiny thumbnails/animations that get flashed when you go fullscreen xD


what a cool idea!

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Super impressive, would you be able to fit in a calculator too? Or some other simple programs?

I haven’t submitted the changes yet but I also made a remote control app that lets the Arduboy act as a USB keyboard and mouse when plugged into a PC. Close to hitting the limit of flash storage


This is amazing!

Amazing work.

I wonder if you have space to make the EEPROM editor allow you to edit the entries?

I can try squeeze in this functionality!

Actually … if you could have a notepad saving into EEPROM and the EEPROM reader letting you edit the same details in HEX that would be kinda cool.

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This… is… so… good…

I don’t know if the Ardugirl OS for Pico8 ever got finished, but if it were… the inception…


This was my first thought!
What an amazing work! ArduboyOS! I can imagine organize and select my games from this tiny OS!


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Question - why is ‘Dump EEPROM’ under file in the Terminal program. It looks like it really should be in the EEPROM program.

A new update!

  • Added the remote app which can let your Arduboy act as a USB keyboard or mouse when plugged into a PC.
  • The EEPROM app can now edit values in your EEPROM (was previously read only)
  • When opening the on screen keyboard, windows will shift appropriately so that you can always see the cursor location (previously this could get obscured by the keyboard)
  • Various bug fixes

See the top post for the updated HEX

@bateske I hadn’t seen that Pico8 emulator before, also going for the classic Mac look!
@filmote I put the Dump EEPROM there because it is uploading via the serial connection and that’s where serial stuff is happening. I could also add it to the EEPROM editor too.


This is amazing. Can it run Crysis possibly? :slight_smile:

The new bigger window is not as cute as before :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe a new section is required. “I/O” containing Terminal and Remote.

Yeah I also agree it looks better with the smaller window! I’m considering splitting into ‘apps’ (remote, terminal, text editor) and ‘system’ (battery, thermal, LED, EEPROM).


I think that is a perfect distribution, but it will suck to lose “Arduboy” as icon

Could still have the Arduboy icon and have the Tools and System subfolder in it.

What would be crazy would be to be able to use the Arduboy with a cellphone as an external gamepad for GB and NES emulators.

‘Apps’ and ‘System’ would be subfolders of Arduboy I think.

I like the idea of using the Arduboy as a gamepad. I originally added functionality to the remote app but it went over flash space as I needed to include a library for the Arduboy to act as a USB joystick. However I could probably re-enable this functionality and use the USB keyboard interface but just bind A + B to a keyboard press (e.g. Ctrl + Alt) and the D-Pad to keyboard arrow keys.

edit: not enough buttons on an Arduboy for NES / Gameboy emulation though so would be limited in functionality!