Ardutron 4096 WIP

Rapso in my question thread had asked to see what this was looking like. Here’s what I’ve got so far.

Still need to do the AI for enemy movement, then optimize optimize optimize.


Also I was intentionally dying to keep the video file small - yeah that’s it…

A small tip: if you want to keep video file sizes small, use .webm.
The video quality suffers somewhat but the file sizes are significantly smaller.
(I did a test and in this case it crushed your 3,428KB file down to 666KB with no discernable artefacts.)

Alternatively you can upload a .hex and let people play the game for themselves.
The emulator will automatically be embedded into the post.
A .hex file is generally quite small because it’s just binary data encoded as text.

Your game looks fun! Looking forward to seeing the released version.

Update - still working on it very slowly. It would help if my Arduboy FX would ever come in ( :slight_smile: )

I had to rewrite the way I was handling NPCs. I’m was trying a more data oriented approach to coding this and attempting to do it without any memory allocations. So my first pass would hold roughly 116 units in memory at a time at 90% of progmem, but the way it was structured was becoming unweildy, so I’m refactoring the units a bit to be a bit more OO, but still avoiding memory allocations.

I suspect once I get my arduboy in, I’ll convince myself to double the unit resolution and halve the number of units on screen, at which point a lot of my technical problems disappear.