Arduventure - 12th TEAM a.r.g. game


This is our 12th game for Arduboy. You’ve all been waiting a very long time for this to be publicly released … So … here it is :slight_smile:

Here you have the kickstarter video:

Manual, media download and technical pages are all on our website:

(we still need to do a bit of work on some of the pages though, but hey … at least you can play the game now. Also, we know about a lot of the bugs and already fixed most of them, but we wanted to release the original code first, as it was provided to all backers of the kickstarter. In the next updates we’ll do the fixing)

Here is the GitHub repo with all the code:

And here are the GitHub releases:

I want to thank @Gaveno @SiegfriedCroes @huard_olivier and @bateske who stayed with me and helped finishing the project while I was suffering and couldn’t cope with life. THANKS all 4 of you !!!

Arduventure (RPG)
New (another) unofficial Arduboy Uploader :)
ArduRPG (free assets for Arduventure)

…the wait is over!! :crazy_face:


@uXe Do you have the sound ? otherwise you’re missing a lot :wink:


Sure do! :sunglasses: :musical_note:

Thanks again!!

(Simon) #5

Is that glorious 640x320?


Ha! Yes, yes it is… :wink:

(Sam) #7

Yay good job its a great Birthday present. :smiley:

(Erwin) #8

Nice! thanks @JO3RI

My clone is jolly

(fred ) #9

I’m trying to upload to a spare arduboy but I am receiving this error:

sketch\songs.h:727:1: warning: narrowing conversion of ‘-12’ from ‘int’ to ‘const uint8_t {aka const unsigned char}’ inside { } [-Wnarrowing]

In file included from C:\Users\xxxx\Desktop\Arduventure\ARDU_AB\ARDU_AB.ino:22:0:

sketch\menu.h: In function ‘void stateMenuReboot()’:

menu.h:114: error: ‘class Arduboy2Base’ has no member named ‘exitToBootloader’



C:\Users\xxxx\Desktop\Arduventure\ARDU_AB\ARDU_AB.ino: In function ‘int main()’:

ARDU_AB:68: error: ‘class Arduboy2Base’ has no member named ‘mainNoUSB’



exit status 1
‘class Arduboy2Base’ has no member named ‘exitToBootloader’

(Gavin Atkin) #10

Arduventure requires the latest version of the Arduboy2 library.

Since this is the Kickstarter version the text in the upload option will say, “press up” but you’ll actually need to press up and hold down. The easiest way to upload a new sketch after loading this one is to power down the device, hold the down button while powering on and continue holding the down button while uploading a new sketch. Once the upload finishes the down button can be released.

(fred ) #11

Thanks. I just updated my libraries and it worked great.

(Kyle) #12

Arduventure is finally here?! can’t wait to go home and play it! Thanks TEAM a.r.g.!

(Holmes) #13

This thread is going to blow up… HAHA!

Anyway, YES, this game is great! I still haven’t put too much time into it since I’ve been busy… Updating it is great to hear! Whenever this goes live, I’ll be sure to start playing it again and finally beat it!

Also, wow… That trailer looks so cool! I wonder who made it. :wink:

(Pharap) #14

What do you mean ‘when it goes live’?

(Stephane C) #15

I think he meant whenever the update is available. :wink:

(Pharap) #16

If so, it’s already available.
The source is on their github page.

(Gavin Atkin) #17

The source on GitHub is the Kickstarter version currently. It shouldn’t be too long before the update gets merged into that repository though.


Thanks for releasing the source. I had a go on compiling it using my homemade package to see how effective the optimalisations are. It compiled to 28012 bytes thats 660 spare bytes! :smiley:

(Simon) #19

@gaveno, imagine what you could do with those 660 bytes !

@Mr.Blinky, any idea how big the compilation is with the standard library?


Latest Arduino with Latest (public) Arduboy2 and Atmlib installed: 28564 bytes


The 552 bytes savings in the Homemade package are due to:
optimized Arduino core : 150 bytes
Refactored Sprites::drawBitmap()* by @dxb : ~ 360 bytes
Arduboy2 library optimalisations: ~42 bytes

*In the homemade package I favor SpritesB() over Sprites() as It isn’t noticably (much) slower than Sprites()