Arduventure - 12th TEAM a.r.g. game

What is NPC breathing?

@random_king it’s just the idle animation for the NPC’s. It was not playing correctly before.


Ok *Thinks about a NPC taking a breath*

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And we have a new release :smiley: v1.0.1 fixing bugs.

Don’t worry, saved games are preserved !
Just follow the download link on the games webpage and you’ll be pointed to the new release


Is it normal that the escape option always work? I mean, in most RPGs there’s a chance that you can’t run away. In Arduventure we must be ninjas i guess, because we can always succeed at running away. :slight_smile:


And… finished it! Great game, well done! :+1:

Managed to get through the last boss on Level 23 - was down to the wire though! :sweat_smile:

Having the map image was a big help, would have been great if this had been printed on cloth for the Kickstarter like the old Ultima maps?


Didn’t buy a Special Edition unfortunately, so the ‘wall of fame’ is out of my reach… :cry:

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The wall of fame is not exclusive to Arduventure.

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I upload this to my homemade arduboy, it work but the sound keep buzzing loudly. I can hear some music but also along with the loud buzzing voice

I put my Pin_speaker_1 on Pin 5 and Pin_speaker_2 on Pin 3 and modified the arduboy2 core library accordingly. Need your help @Mr.Blinky. Should modified other things on the library?

I love the update! Thank you! Now i want to play through again :smile::+1:


That noise iyour hearing is probably the noise from the power supply. If you’re using a loud piezo or speaker it is very noticable when one speaker pin is constanlt high/5v and the other low/0v.

Arduventure uses Atmlib for audio. Pin 3 doesn’t work for Atmlib audio I figured this out not too long ago (and use a new wiring scheme since). Check your library changes to see if pin 3 is set to low to reduce noise.

I feel like this is a stupid question, but what might I do to find the blade pieces?

Explore and look for treasure chest on the map…

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stroll around and explore places that may look like a dead end on the map.


Okay, thank you! I have beaten all bosses otherwise. wasn’t sure if the blade pieces came after or something… But thanks!

I have all four blade pieces and I have beaten all four bosses (the last one twice). Does the game actually end? Or do I just keep wandering around and leveling up indefinitely?

heck ya!!! I can’t believe this is out!!!

The game end when you get the last amulet, it will say thank you for Playing! There’s no real end screen though…

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Huh. That didn’t happen, I don’t think. Could it be because I defeated the fourth boss BEFORE getting the fourth blade piece? After I completed the blade, I went back and could fight the fourth boss again, and get the amulet again. If I go back into that castle, the chest is still closed so I could probably fight him a third time if I wanted.

You can fight all bosses again infinitely after you’ve fought them all. The thank you for playing text only shows in the newer version released yesterday.

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OK, so it sounds like I did in fact finish the game. Thanks. :slight_smile: