Arduventure - 12th TEAM a.r.g. game

@Mr.Blinky You may be happy to hear the update does include auto map centering on the character when opening and ‘B’ button shortcut to the map :slight_smile: .

Which package are you referring to; the custom bootloader? Or just library changes?



My Homemade package It contains modified libraries, Arduboy optimized arduino core and also custom bootloader suport but that last bit doesn’t give any optimisation it just allowes your sketch to be bigger by 1K (or 2K soon) )


The Arduventure update is now live on GitHub! The update is not currently in the release on our web page. If you are comfortable compiling source you can upload the update to your Arduboy now. This update should not break any existing save files unless you saved outside of the intended map area.

Update Notes:

  • Fixed entering battle flashing effect not playing after escaping from
    a battle.
  • The text engine now handles the input for rolling text to fix freezing
  • Changed the order of input in relation to the game state to ensure the
    text inputs and game inputs do not interfere with each other.
  • Instead of increasing the last Boss’s health when the blade is not
    equipped, the Boss’s attack is now increased.
  • Player can no longer walk outside map. Renders rocks outside map area.
  • Mini map now centers on the player upon opening.
  • Fixed NPC breathing.
  • Fixed NPC’s all looked the same.
  • Last boss now has max defense and special defense if blade is not equipped.

  • Enemies now get progressively bigger by area instead of having all
    sizes. Originally the size of the enemy was supposed to be an indicator
    of how difficult the enemy would be within that area, but it didn’t end
    up being the case so smaller enemies could be stronger than larger
    enemies. Now headsize is purely determined by level.
  • Changed the description for the Amulet of Victory from “A SYMBOL OF
    VICTORY” to “THANK YOU FOR PLAYING!” to better convey the end of the
  • Upload message now says “DOWN” key instead up “UP” to work with
    updated Arduboy2 library.
  • Added B button map shortcut when not investigating an object or NPC.
  • Fixed bosses giving amulets more than once.

  • Text no longer runs over the intended buffer amount.
  • Fixed returning to menu from in game putting cursor outside screen.
  • Cleaned up some commented out code.

Thanks for the quick release update!

There’s a glitch though. When you start a new game your character sprite gets corrupted (by the screen fade in/out effect?)

When D-pad is used to move the sprite it is displayed normally.


I’ve played Arduventure v1.1 again from the beginning for a while now and totally love the varying NPCs and the new map button feature :+1:


When exiting the game. the ‘New Game’ is selected by default instead of ‘continue’. I also noticed when using the continue option after just exiting the game there was no music playing (I saved inside shop, same with outside the shop) continuing after reset didn’t make a difference there was no sound until I ran into an enemy.


Is it possible that the boss cards aren’t centered properly their black square? they seem to be off center(maybe it’s intentional).

My favourite thing about the game is the music! I just love it.

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However, in some cases SpritesB can produce more code than Sprites, mainly if you only use a single function in the class.

@Mr.Blinky I fixed the player glitch when starting a new game. Thank you! I’ve been aware of the music bug when saving in a building, just not sure on the best way to fix it yet. I need to start a known issues list :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Vampirics I centered the cards and the images on the cards, it does look better that way. Thank you!


What is NPC breathing?

@random_king it’s just the idle animation for the NPC’s. It was not playing correctly before.


Ok *Thinks about a NPC taking a breath*

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And we have a new release :smiley: v1.0.1 fixing bugs.

Don’t worry, saved games are preserved !
Just follow the download link on the games webpage and you’ll be pointed to the new release


Is it normal that the escape option always work? I mean, in most RPGs there’s a chance that you can’t run away. In Arduventure we must be ninjas i guess, because we can always succeed at running away. :slight_smile:


And… finished it! Great game, well done! :+1:

Managed to get through the last boss on Level 23 - was down to the wire though! :sweat_smile:

Having the map image was a big help, would have been great if this had been printed on cloth for the Kickstarter like the old Ultima maps?


Didn’t buy a Special Edition unfortunately, so the ‘wall of fame’ is out of my reach… :cry:

Moderator Note:
Links to Team ARG’s website have been removed due to malicious new owners.

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The wall of fame is not exclusive to Arduventure.

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I upload this to my homemade arduboy, it work but the sound keep buzzing loudly. I can hear some music but also along with the loud buzzing voice

I put my Pin_speaker_1 on Pin 5 and Pin_speaker_2 on Pin 3 and modified the arduboy2 core library accordingly. Need your help @Mr.Blinky. Should modified other things on the library?

I love the update! Thank you! Now i want to play through again :smile::+1:


That noise iyour hearing is probably the noise from the power supply. If you’re using a loud piezo or speaker it is very noticable when one speaker pin is constanlt high/5v and the other low/0v.

Arduventure uses Atmlib for audio. Pin 3 doesn’t work for Atmlib audio I figured this out not too long ago (and use a new wiring scheme since). Check your library changes to see if pin 3 is set to low to reduce noise.

I feel like this is a stupid question, but what might I do to find the blade pieces?

Explore and look for treasure chest on the map…

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stroll around and explore places that may look like a dead end on the map.