Arduventure - 12th TEAM a.r.g. game

(fred ) #61

So I upgraded the code but I have a problem.

I did not remember that I was saved in the area above the shop in the fourth level that you access off screen. So now all my exits are blocked with boulders. Is there a way for me to get out? Or do I need to down grade, leave the area and upgrade back to 1.01? Thanks.

(Sam) #62

lol :grinning: I don’t know if you can go back but you might.
I kept V 1.0 on my SE but I have updated on my normal arduboy.

(fred ) #63

I successfully downgraded fixed my situation and then upgraded. :slight_smile:

(Sam) #64


(Gavin Atkin) #65

I was afraid an instance of this would occur! Glad you were able to figure it out :slight_smile:


Hey I’m having difficulty uploading a new game to my arduboy after having played Arduventure. I am using @crait’s Arduboy Manager application. When i follow the Arduventure’s onscreen instructions for reuploading, I get a “transfer error” of “port cannot be initialized”. When I tried uploading the same game via the IDE (Logix) It won’t upload either. Any help?
Thanks in advance!

EDIT: I am ridiculously stupid. Had the wrong board selected in the IDE :roll_eyes:


I noticed if you are walking and press B, your character keeps doing the walking animation


I can’t find the final blade piece. I did beat the final boss though.

(fred ) #69

it took me a week to find the final piece after fighting the last boss. Here is a tip “Treat the last zone as a maze. follow one wall around every screen. It will take you through the whole area.” Eventually you will come across it. Also there are a couple spoilers higher in this thread about it.

(Muntin Doo) #70

I don’t know if it’s just me, but during my entire play-through of the game, I didn’t encounter a single bird :I

(Gavin Atkin) #71

The bird was concept art during early stages of development that was replaced with the scarecrow like first boss :slight_smile:

(Sam) #72


(Simon) #73

Sam, watch out or someone might give you the bird.

(Sam) #74

What do you mean by that? :wink:

(Muntin Doo) #75

Anybody found the easter egg yet?

(Miloslav Číž) #76

This is definitely a masterpiece, but:

GitHub README: Story, characters, sprites, tiles, design and art: copyrighted to TEAM a.r.g. NOT under MIT!

Wasn’t the game funded on Kickstarter? You should probably release the assets under Creative Commons license to give people rights to what they paid for and not just keep it, right? :slight_smile: Could you maybe consider CC-BY-SA?

(Stephane C) #77

It’s the the Arduboy special edition that was funded on Kickstarter. They just loaded them with Arduventure as a bonus for pledging.

(Pharap) #78

Technically the game itself was partly funded through kickstarter.
The other half of the reward was early access to the game.

There was an option to not get the console and to just get early access to the game.

Either way I agree with @Vampirics that “the right to use Arduventure’s graphics” was not really included or implied at any stage, so it’s up to Team ARG (or perhaps the artist specifically) as to what licence the graphics are released under.

I agree that they probably should have a licence for the graphics though.
The line between code and graphics gets blurred when the graphics are converted into arrays within the code itself so it’s understandable that many people don’t think about it.

A lot of people making games don’t really know about all the intricacies of licensing (I admit that I myself have neglected to provide a licence for the graphics included in my games), and we really ought to have a guide somewhere explaining it, but we don’t.

(Miloslav Číž) #79

Thanks for reactions. I just wanted to point this out. If the authors decide to keep the full rights, that’s okay. I’d also like to point out that it’s possible to take the engine and just create a clone of the game with free content. It’s a project that I or someone else might take up if the situation stays.

Also let me add that I mean no offense to the authors at all, it’s an amazing job. I just love free culture and always share my own art this way. I simply love seeing the creativity that can be born of this.


Strange that people keep asking the same questions over and over again. The engine and code or free for all of you to use, re-use and so on … the assets, names and story are not.

So yes please create your own great adventure using the engine and your own graphics, names and story line. The mean reason we made the code open source, is people would be able to learn from what we did, which is kind of hard if you can’t see the code.

ArduRPG (free assets for Arduventure)