Arduventure Boot LED

Is the Arduventure boot led supposed to be dim? I get a very faint shimmer of blue and red when powering on and was wondering if this is normal before I mess around flashing something else to check.

Holding up on boot gives me a brighter flicker of blue and red.

I have the same, dim flash on power up and brigher flash when holding up. I think it’s just an software issue.

I have noticed this using the Arduboy2 library - wonder if it is related.

I haven’t seen the code, but I’m guessing Arduventure uses an early version (not published in this forum) of my code to remove the USB stack. In it, I light the RGB LED in magenta (red + blue) before testing for the UP button during boot, to enter the bootloader for upload. I was hoping the LED would stay lit once the bootloader was entered but it’s immediately cleared when the pins are reset.

Since the LED turned out to not be of much value, and used code space, I decided not to use it in the Arduboy2 v5 library release. (I also changed from testing the UP button to the DOWN button, to be more compatible with @Mr.Blinky’s Cathy bootloader, and not conflict with flashlight mode.)


I don’t know of anything that could cause this with any release version of the Arduboy2 library.

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Yes … I can’t see how its really related, but I have noticed a flash of blue when I start the Arduboy. I have never noticed it before and (jumping to conclusions) I have assumed its related to the new library.

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Thanks Scott I was hoping it was software related, the lower brightness is actually IMO nicer (although a little short) than the normal boot LED and would make a nice alternative and good compromise for those that prefer to skip the logo & LED’s.

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The brightness isn’t lower but the duration is shorter. The only way to lower the brightness is to control the LEDs in PWM analog mode. I don’t want to do that with the boot logo because it would take quite a bit more code than the current digital control.

If the LED brightness is a problem I suggest:

Yeah they all do this, I’d have to peek at the code to see exactly why but I suspect it is what @MLXXXp says because it always is.