Arduventure help page (spoiler warning)

I thought I would make a page for those of us that have Arduventure and could use a hand. I just beat it last night and am happy to share any information someone might be. Be warned we will post locations and such, so there will spoilers.


i got 4 blade pieces,killed the bosses…
What now???

Enjoy your victory. I chose to go all the way back to my house and then be done.


Fun fact, there is one inn in each quadrant. 2 shops in the last quadrant and 1 in the first three.

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Where u find the fourth peice?

it depends, there are four different zones and one sword piece for each of the four zones. so if you have the Forest, Swamp and field zone pieces then the last one is from the Mountain region.

I’ve looked all over the mountain region even the hidden areas. Even made my way to the secret map…i must be right in front of me.

wish i could help but I’m not sure where the mountain one is, if i remember right its somewhere in the middle of its respective quadrant.

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This made me actually laugh out loud as I read it. You sir are my hero.


I habe all blade pieces and killed the
4 bosses,but i do not know,what now?

The final blade piece is not hidden but easy to miss. Search over in the area of the 2nd shop and you should be able to find it.

sorry,i have all pieces

I must be blind. Still can not find it. Found all the areas you access by moving off screen. I beat the game so finding it now is just icing on the cake.

As a note: North of the second shop in the Canyon area was not meant to be accessible and will be fixed in the next update.

@gambler172 The amulet of Victory will have the description, “Thank you for playing!” in the next update to give a clearer message that the game is complete. Whether or not you decide to reach max level and re-defeat the bosses is up to you :wink:


Do you mean the glitch world (infinite loop of world)?

So i beat the game?Oh tbis is great

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Hey so I just beat the third boss but didn’t get an amulet. Is this normal?

How do you destroy the boulders that have the message “The rock has symbols resembling …”
I beat all the bosses and got all the blade pieces.

There are only 3 rocks that can be destroyed with amulets. Nice job beating it! :smiley:

I just defeated the boss in the swamp and it didn’t give me an amulet. I’m now unsure what to do. Am I missing something?