Arduventure Live on Kickstarter Now!

The most anticipated game for the Arduboy is Live on Kickstarter now!

Proceeds of the campaign go to support TEAM a.r.g.

Arduventure is a classic top-down 8-Bit RPG with original monochrome graphics and musical score. Collect items, weapons, armor, amulets and magic to fight enemies in turn-based battle system. Explore a massive world map larger than the one in Zelda: Links Awakening!

The Arduventure thread is the most visited and most commented in our community forums and we wanted to celebrate with something special.

We wanted to offer something special to Arduboy fans, and this is your chance to own the official Arduventure plush toy!

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it looks sooo amazing!
Im strongly convinced to speak for all when i say that we can’t wait to get our hands on this! <3


As nearly all of you have an Arduboy already, buying the Arduventure Doll will come with an early access download code so you won’t have to wait!


Woot! Woot! This is so exciting!! :smiley:

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Awesome! I’m really looking forward to this! Great work!

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Any estimate when it will be released on Kickstarter? :smiley:

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It’s live now, we just launched! Here is the link:

If you enjoy your Arduboy please share this on your facebook and twitter and recommend it to your friends who don’t have one yet!

We are selling them at a great price and we could really use the support of the community! Thank you so much everyone!


Yay! I didn’t manage to be backer #1 like on the original Arduboy campaign, but at least I’m in the first 10 :smile:


Nice! I managed to snag a prime number!


Well done to everyone involved, hope it all goes well - looks like it will be funded very soon at this rate.

Looking forward my bling edition Arduboy!

Awesome! Just a question, has the Special Edition ‘custom packaging’ too or is it exclusive to the Arduventure Ultimate Edition ? I’m fine with the pledge amount to support you guys, but the doll is not my kind of kawaii :blush: and could do without it and it’s increased shipping costs :sunny:

Yep … I pledged but don’t need the doll especially if it reduces shipping costs.

I’m getting the doll and special edition

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Thank you Kevin! I am excited about this.

Yes all the black special edition arduboy will get a cool special edition packaging. We will show more of that in future updates to the campaign.

Thanks everyone! Be sure to share with your friends! Help us keep the momentum going!


Can’t wait I also pledged for the special edition :smiley:

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When is the estimate I know you said next month but Kickstarter said est 2018 and that made me nervous

We can “guarantee” (pending no major problems beyond our control) getting it to people in January. But the truth is we are going to order production at the end of this month, and it should complete sometime in October… possibly November. But shipping gets slow closer to the holidays so I don’t want to guarantee people getting it for Christmas, I’d prefer it to be a happy surprise.

We had a lot of people who were really upset that they planned on giving this as a christmas gift and had blown their budget and couldn’t afford to get the person anything else. Trying to avoid that this time.


So tempting and awesome!! do I need a 6th Arduboy? :thinking: My GF tries to convince me that I do not need more Arduboys :sleepy: