Arduventure Plush Doll Poll

(Kevin) #1

Did you get a plush doll? Did you just see it online and feel strongly about it? Are you just a troll?
Rate my doll!

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We made a plush doll for the Arduventure Special Edition. @JO3RI wanted to include something special with the package, maybe a 3d printed object or some kind of trinket. I suggested plush doll and then everyone voted on it here and that was the result.

What did you think? Were you satisfied with the purchase? How is the quality? Do you like the design? What would you change? What is your feelings and emotions about Flynn, the Arduventure Plush Doll?

(Simon) #2

I didn’t buy a doll but I am curious about their size. How big are they?

(Nicole Birgel) #3

As soon as customs hands my plushie over i can tell you what i think and will also make a review on youtube…

(Kevin) #4

(Pharap) #5

:octopus: :octopus: :octopus:

I considered getting one, but frankly I’m not sure where I’d put it.

(Scott R) #6

I had the same issue I would have preferred a small trinket or something that fitted in the packaging. It’s not that I don’t like the plushie because I would like one for completeness but It would just end up in a bag in the loft or something not really knowing what to do with it.

(Oliver) #7

Few years ago I heard of Arduboy in very brief passing on a tech site… then forgot and didn’t give it any attention.

Wasn’t until the doll was being shared on social media that it made me look into it, then finally buy one, two weeks ago. Without Flynn doll arduventure wouldn’t have got its exposure and recognition. It’s now the flag ship signature game.

P.S plz can we have part 2 or Ardumon. We need another heavy hitter.

(Pharap) #8

Or someone could write another dungeon for Dark & Under’s engine. We’ve got a level editor just sitting there untouched for months.


Just a question. Is Flynn based on the character Fin from Adventure Time?

(Oliver) #10

I think of him personally as the long lost half brother of Link and second cousin twice removed of Finn. :joy:


Yeah, I assumed he was somehow connected because the plushie looks a lot like him.

(Kevin) #12

Great everyone voted octopus, I guess I know how you really feel.

(Cameron Mulder) #13

I’m mixed on the plush but what pushed me over the top to get it during the recent Arduventure Special Edition sales was the fact you can store the arduboy in the backpack. That was a nice touch that moved it from a gimmick to something special.

(Kevin) #14

Yeah the the backpack is super padded too, I’m really happy how that part came out.

(Sam) #15

I rate the Plush Doll 4 :octopus: :octopus: :octopus:
I would give him a sword. :smiley:

(Cody) #16

Why is his nose a heart?

(Pharap) #17

Because “love stinks”? :P

(Gavin Atkin) #18

I love him! I thought he turned out so great! Good quality too! Also, I’m not even at all biased! Haha.
Edit to be clear, I honestly do love it

(Nicole Birgel) #19

I have to say that the quality is really very good. Only the part around the neck being yellow looks a bit weird, but overall really beautiful.
Could have bin a bit smaller, though.
The backpack is a good addition👍