Arduventure (RPG)

Thanks :smile:

Not using any compression at the moment, each character stored as a char (8 bit) though I have only about 42 possible characters so 6 bit would be enough to represent them all. I might look into it later on :wink:

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You are my hero. This is incredible. Please just message me and tell me whatever you want.

Seriously. Making little text adventure role playing games when I was a kid was what got me into programming. This is like the ultimate.

I wanted to try and put SD card or SPI flash on the arduboy just for you, but we are just too close to production to pull this off. Thinking arduboy 1.1 must have an SD card.



Thank you so much :smile:

When I was a kid I loved games like Zelda, Pokemon, Final Fantasy/Mystic Quest (I still do ofcourse)! Even just looking at screenshots of those games in magazines inspired me to draw my own scenes/backgrounds. I remember spending my time in computer class searching the internet for programs to make my own RPG without programming cause I didn’t know anything about code, only thing I was good at was drawing ^^’ I played around with some engines like Gamemaker and OHRRPGCE but never really made anything noteworthy. I learned programming (C++) at school, only for a year but it was a great start and continued on my own from there.

Even though more memory would be great, maybe it’s a good thing that I’m limited cause I know that I usually get lost in little details ^^’ The memory limitation forces me to focus more on the basics :wink:

Thanks for all the nice feedback everyone :smiley: It sure keeps me motivated to continue and release something playable soon!


Wow, this looks sick! I’d love to try this out!

One solution to the limited program memory could be to make the game playable in chapters. You can use the EEPROM to save data, and when the player reaches the end of a chapter, it’s time to flash the next chapter’s data. You could even probably save program data by cutting out code that’s not used in some chapters but used in other chapters. I think a game like that would be awesome if you commuted-- once you finish a chapter, you flash the Arduboy with the next one for tomorrow! Plus, if SD expansion does come out, the game will already work!

I’m a big fan of the idea of the Arduboy being home to bite-sized game programs. There’s so much opportunity for different types of games on it. You could keep an arcade-style game on your Arduboy at all times, to play between calls. When commuting on the bus, you could play the next episode of some game each day. You could even keep a tamagotchi-type game that you just like to check up on periodically! You might even keep one to be used for the HID capabilities, like a configurable gamepad for flash games, or cross computer copy/paste!


Nice, I think this is going to be the way to go in which case we should probably work on some EEPROM management soon quick. I’m preparing a post on development paths/plans so stay tuned!


Thank a lot :smile:

I thought of that idea too at some point! It would also be cool for it to be non-linear so it’s more like every chapter is a stand alone mission/quest.

I’ll keep this game simple and short for now though cause there are still a lot of other game ideas I’d like to experiment with! Of course when the source is released you or anyone else can rework it into a longer game :wink:


It would be nice to add a password system similar to Zelda Oracle games. This allows the achievements/ events in the last Chapter to influence the new Chapter. More like a progressive enhancement, rather than a necessity.

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I love that idea! It could be possible to make a game like that where other people can write quests for it, too! You flash the original “home base+upgrading and stuff” sketch, and if you want to go on an adventure you can flash someone’s adventure campaign sketch. Then after you beat their sketch it could add some money or experience or whatever you got to your save data and you’ll see it when you go to the home sketch again!


The password system in the Oracle games sure were a cool idea but as the EEPROM isn’t game specific you can just save data that way and load it again in the next game :smile:

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Sound like a good idea for sure :smile:

I’ve been reworking some stuff this week, the item menu is now full screen and will be reused for a shop menu instead of walking up to items and pressing a button (this way I have more maptiles left for other things instead of lots of objects on tables) :wink: Still working on a system to let something happen when you use an item. Also still deciding if I’ll make a seperate Equip menu or jist do the equiping in the item menu (this might safe some memory).

I also made the stats menu that shows stuff like amount of money, player level, exp for level up, attack, defense, speed stats,…

I’ll be making another video when these things are done!

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Finally some new progress to show:


  • Enter name screen at startup
  • Stats menu
  • Better items menu (will be reused for shop menu)
  • Chests that “give” you items
  • Some new interior graphics

Hope you like it :slight_smile:


Looking really solid! Keep up the good work :smile:

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Looks amazing, nice job really! :smiley:

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Absolutely mind blowing, awesome work!

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Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Next up is making the shop work and reworking the battle system so you can use items in battle and get gold, exp and level up after finishing a battle. I also came up with an idea to make the world a bit bigger. I’ll be making a few generic locations like a horizontal path, vertical path, cross path that I will reuse to link together unique locations.

EDIT: Currently a bit stuck though… For some reason certain changes to my code causes my Arduboy to become unresponsive to uploads until I reset it by shorting 2 pads below the screen but it will go back to unresponsive after another upload and so on…

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Nice idea! I wonder if you could use randomization and maybe even have a constant seed so the generic paths are created unique from each other. That way it wouldn’t take more storage space but you could have a much larger world that wouldn’t feel completely random. At that point you could even link together pathways.

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Here is a link to a guy talking about how he approached randomized level generation for his game. If you decide to look into going that direction you might find it helpful. He goes over several different techniques.

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Nice article, I’ll be saving it for later :slight_smile: But for Arduventure I’ll be keeping it simple. :wink:

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If you put the Arduboy into a tight loop you can run into this sort of problem. The ability to reset it into the bootloader mode appears to be related to it’s ability to go ‘idle’ from time to time.

I don’t have hard evidence of this, but that was my experience with the dev unit. If I was actively running my game, I could fail to download new code. As my title / boot sequence put the device into a very idle state - doing a power-cycle always got me back to a place where I could easily reflash.

EDIT - hmmm - the fix was found and reported in this thread How to Reset the Dev Kit

EPIC!!! This is really going to revolutionize the already revolutionary product! Awesome game! Can’t wait to play it on the Arduboy!