Arduventure (RPG)

The new version will be out in May sometime. i would wait. I experimented with the old version… and I would stay away from it.


Yeah I can fix it. Is there a old arduventure with a bird and a old battling system. (no magic)
Would ABE be able to run it.

Good point.
If you play it on ABE then you won’t brick anything.

You’ll have to compile it, there’s no hex.
And I’m not sure which of these three is which:

In case anyone else sees this:
Do not run these on your actual Arduboy, there’s a high probability that your Arduboy will be bricked and need its bootloader reburning.


What about ARDU_AB and What is the difference. could make a hex?

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The game has been produced from the demo original posted here into a full fledged game that was released as part of a special edition kickstarter launch.

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