Arduventure (RPG)

Since I have installed Arduventure, I can install no other game. I only did the problem?
I hope the Problem are only my own Build Arduboy-Prototype, and the Problem are not in the Final Arduboy happend

EDIT: Only now I realize you’re not using an actual Arduboy devkit ^^’ Does the board you’re using have a reset button? I think you’ll have to press that button at the right time just when the uploading starts :slight_smile:

No need to worry, your Arduboy didn’t die :wink: This is normal behavior for the devkit and it will be fixed for the final arduboy.
I actually put a warning message in the same post with the download link:

Warning: Uploading this sketch to your Arduboy devkit will cause a glitch that will prevent you from reflashing it again! When this happens you have to short 2 pads below the screen while uploading to reset the Arduboy. You can find instructions to do this here: How to Reset the Dev Kit

The link in this warning explains really well how to fix your arduboy. Every time you upload Arduventure it will be “broken” again though so you should do this reset with a different game :wink:

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Yeah, right recognized - I’m with the himself cobbled together Arduboy clone. Yes, the board has a reset button (it’s just a normal Arduboy micro). On the breadboard is no more room for another button, but I just take two cables and connect the right moment ^^.

A warning I find useful - thanks!
Most practical in the Inbox, because you often read in between.

Looking forward to another version of Arduventure

There is no need to add wires to short out. Just press the red RST button on the Arduino Micro, before starting the upload.

Sorry, you are right^^ I´am so stupid^^.
But, it works with wires, too!^^


Dude, you need to raise you own kickstarter for this game, I’m serious, would be glad to help fund it.


I don’t think it would be that successful ^^’ Besides, Arduventure should be free for all anyways :wink:

Currently not working on it anymore though, kind of busy with my main (not Arduboy related) game project (Tales of Lena). As I said earlier, this is one of the projects that would really benefit from an Arduboy with SD card so I’ll probably wait for that.


Even with SD you’d have to build more of an “Engine”… things like quests, NPCs, dialog really needs to find a way to be pushed into the SD to have a truly expansive world. You can’t just code all the logic in C… but engines are fun.

You’re definitely right about that :wink: I mainly programmed it to see what an RPG could look like, I’d probably write it from scratch when there’s an Arduboy with SD card slot.

For those who just got their Arduboy and would like to give this demo a try, I just made a little download page:

Good news: It seems like the recent changes in the Arduboy libraries makes the demo work without triggering the bootloader glitch so no reset should be needed afterwards. If it does happen and you have trouble uploading another game afterwards check this out: How to Reset Arduboy if it's Bricked


When we get around to an Arduboy Plus with SD card then for sure we will find the best way possible to promote this game! It’s the most popular thread on this forum for a reason!


Your link is dead ^^"

Thanks that would be great :smiley: Have been thinking of making a simpler game in the meantime but so much other things on my mind ^^’ I’m sure when I’ll get my Kickstarter Arduboy I’ll get back to it (hope that’ll be soon).

@CalMan Thanks for pointing out, it should work now :slight_smile:


Thanks, my wife love your game!


I want to ask that I got some problem when upload the game file into my arduboy device,the error message is under below.thanks for the gmae:)

Arduino:1.6.9 (Windows 10), Board:"Arduboy

C:\Users\Window\Desktop\Arduventure\Arduventure.ino:3:21: fatal error: Arduboy.h: No such file or directory

#include <Arduboy.h>


compilation terminated.

exit status 1
Error compiling for board Arduboy.

This report would have more information with
"Show verbose output during compilation"
option enabled in File -> Preferences.

Is this the first game you try to upload or have you successfully uploaded other ones before?

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I’ve successfully uploaded DICE_AB_v10 into my arduboy

Have you installed the Arduboy library as instructed in Step 2 of the Quick Start Guide? DICE_AB doesn’t use the Arduboy library but Arduventure does.

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thank you a lot it have been really a great game!!


Just updated the zip to make some fixes in the code (changed deprecated functions). Even though it is working it’s best to redownload the game :wink:


So I got my tracking number a few days ago and with my Arduboy arriving soon I felt like getting back to this project :smiley:

I’ll be rewriting it from scratch, adding the features of the demo one by one and optimize where possible. I’ll also have to dump it down here and there cause the demo was just a bit too ambitious ^^’

Hope to show some progress soon :slight_smile: