Arduventure SE Arduboy newbie question

I was one of the fortunate few that managed to snag one of the handful of remaining Arduventure SE Arduboys recently. I’d been holding out on getting an Arduboy but this was to nice to pass up.

I love the design and the entire Arduboy concept, but unfortunately I’m a complete novice and know about nothing when it comes to programming and unlocking the potential of this device, though I’m hoping to learn with time. Right now, my immediate question is: Is it possible to load multiple games/programs on the Arduboy at the same time, or does everything have to be installed/uninstalled one at a time? With regards to this SE in particular, if I uninstall Arduventure, can I reinstall it later and with any game saves I’ve made? I’d like to try out all the other great games available and even try my own hand at something down the line, but I’d like to be able to restore this SE to it’s original state as needed.

Thanks in advance, and special thanks to Keven and the entire Arduboy team!. Arduboy is a great platform and concept and I look forward to seeing the community continue to grow.


Yes. The game will be made available for anyone to reload in the future.

Does Arduventure allow games saves? If it does and the games you load after that do not overwrite the same EEPROM memory then your saved games might be intact. A slim chance …

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I’m in the same situation as you. I found this video that has explained a lot regarding the special edition.Arduboy (Hold the up key for BLK/GD)

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One at a time due to memory limitations.

I’m sure there are some EEPROM saving facilities somewhere on the site, but I can never find/remember where.

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@craits ‘Arduboy Assistant’ can back up and restore data.

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The special editions only work with Arduino. None of the easy game loaders work with Black/Gold version when arduventure game is installed. It has the different unique step of the ‘Hold Key’ up thing. You would have to back it up with Arduino and I’m not sure that is possible. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Overwriting Arduventure won’t immediately erase the savegame data, it depends which program overwrites it.

The Arduboy Assistant that @filmote linked to is a program for the Arduboy that can transmit the EEPROM’s contents over a serial connection so it’s possible to capture that data and back it up as a file on a computer.

Essentially there’s no reason it shouldn’t work for creating backups of Arduventure’s save data.

Arduventure’s odd upload method only affects putting a new program onto the Arduboy when Arduventure is the game currently on the system, it has no effect on anything else.

It would also affect saving EEPROM data to a PC, since you have to get into bootloader command mode, the same as you do for uploading a new sketch.

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If affects the ability to upload the Arduboy Assistant program, but once that is uploaded, Arduventure’s non-standard upload method no longer affects anything.

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True, my mistake. I got confused and was thinking that the assistant was a front end to avrdude, which would read EEPROM directly from the PC without uploading a new sketch.

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Thank you for all of the replies, everyone! It’s seems clear that I’m going to need a bit of time to become more familiar with the workings of arduino and programming a bit if I’d like to really take advantage of what this little device is capable of.

It doesn’t sound like there’s a clear consensus on whether or not the save data would be preserved if I started swapping games, so I’ll probably hold off on doing that until I’m finished with Arduventure completely just to be safe. Really just want to make sure that whatever I do that I can eventually revert and get this SE back to “factory” condition like it is now should I start to play around with other games/programs. I love the look and packaging of this SE so it would be a shame if I accidentally did something to permanently change it from it’s boxed state.

You could just buy another Arduboy … they aren’t terribly expensive. Some of us have four or five :frowning:


TEAM arg games play nicely with each other in regards to EEPROM. The latest Mystic Balloon update resolved a conflict with Arduventure. @JO3RI has been doing a good job keeping them sorted. Loading up non-TEAM arg games though could result in lost or corrupt save files. Arduventure can always be re-uploaded (as long as you have the download for it, which may not be the case for everyone as of now) to get the SE Arduboy back to it’s original state.


I’m a newbie as well, got my first arduboy via the arduventure kickstarter. I’m also in the same boat as the OP in that I’d like to play more of the games I see available but also want to be sure I won’t lose my arduventure game progress.

Is it known that if I back up the EEPROM data area via the tool mentioned earlier in the thread that I’ll be able to get back to my earlier game state? I.e. is EEPROM data the only other data area in question? I’m willing to give it a try, but would feel more comfortable is someone who is more knowledgable proved it out a bit first. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to learning and trying new things with this cool device!

The EEPROM data is the only data that can be persisted by a program.


Thank you - that’s very helpful. I’ll probably try out this path. Worst case is that I’d have to restart my arduventure game, but it sounds like this is a pretty reasonable path.