Arduwii, what you guys think?

I was thinking about a more ergonomic model, where you can play with only one hand, so the Wiimote came to my mind and I thought this.

What you guys think?

Why not just come up with some kind of grip that can be stuck on the back of the current Arduboy or clipped to it? Or design a new back that can be screwed on in place of the current back (this could even provide space for a larger battery)?

Personally, I have no problem holding and using my Arduboy with one hand, provided that the game can be played with just one thumb.


If you have access to a 3D printer, you could totally print a new housing shaped how’d you like and wire up the buttons pretty easily to have a different layout.

Yay for one-button games!

The Wiimote have the A button facing the player, and the B button below (tigger position)

Also made another one with vertical screen, better ergonomic, and you can use the space below to put a AA or AAA battery.

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I like the concept of one handed operation, almost everything is designed to need two hands now. That was one of the cool things about the original iphone design was that it could be used one handed. It has me considering getting an SE…

That’s one of the notes that the mario game for the iphone is supposed to be clever is that it can be played one handed.

Right now for a new device I’m playing around with the idea of a cylinder shaped and incorporating and 360 degree rotary encoder… But that’s still 2 handed, hmm…