Arduzilla [v1.0] [WIP]

Found this demo from a couple years back and noticed it had never been finished, and the last github commit was two years ago as well, so I decided to start at it, it’s cute and seems to have a lot of potential. This version is much more playable, has a title screen, music, more buildings, and a win screen when all the buildings have been destroyed. The code isn’t perfect, but I think it’s a pretty decent improvement.

Arduzilla.hex (43.7 KB)

Here’s the link to the code on github.
Lastly, Here is the link to the original base version that I built off of.

Let me know what you think and any suggestions you might have :slight_smile:


I like the art. What adversarial components are you thinking of adding?

I can see tanks and helicopters coming out to fight you (like a top down Rampage). Or another monster competing to destroy you and/or the other buildings (a la King of Monsters).

I think having burning states on buildings would help sell the destruction and give buildings a bit of visible health indication without a health bar. Also seeing little dots flee from the buildings might be fun as well.

Promising start, I hope you keep working on it!