Ardynia - a Zelda style adventure, now available


Wow, this looks awesome, cant wait to play!

(Matt) #22

I’m getting into the final stretch. I had to make a lot of changes since the initial post as I misunderstood how much flash I had left. But the game is still largely intact.

I still can’t say for sure when it will be done, but I am getting there.


(Holmes) #23

Lemme know if you need someone to help test. :heart_eyes:


this is bloody awesome!
can’t wait to play this

(Matt) #25

I will definitely need testers, I’ll let you know when I’m ready, thanks!

(Matt) #26

Made a little website for the game:

(Josh Goebel) #27

Did you want to share you RLE code and we could look it over to see if it was easy to optimize?

(Matt) #28

I will open source the game hopefully soonish. It’ll be at (currently the only thing there is the code for the website). But I am still holding off as I still have a lot of pretty big changes planned. Just in case anyone was to start poking around and offer suggestions, I’d hate to waste their time suggesting stuff that is already slated to go away.

(Josh Goebel) #29

But I dont’ think the RLE code is going away - particularly if it was even smaller. Maybe just post it on a gist or something?

(Matt) #30

No it’s not going away, but I did end up changing it a lot. Here is its current form:

I am in the final stretch of the game. Mostly just need to polish, fix bugs, and tweak stuff. One big remaining task is better sound effects, I’m exploring ArduboyTones, ArduboyPlayTunes and ArduboyBeep to see which can work the best.

Here is a minor spoiler image of how the dungeons are designed (it’s blurry to reduce spoilers, but still does give some things away):

The game did end up being a bit smaller than I originally hoped but I’m still really happy with it. I think it’s gonna be pretty fun.

(Cody) #31

Still really exited for this!!!

(Matt) #32

Glad to hear :slight_smile: I think I’ll have it done this weekend :crossed_fingers: I can definitely say early to mid October.

(Josh Goebel) #33

How many tiles are there? Any interest in this on Gamebuino META?

(Matt) #34

The maps are made up of 13 tiles plus the compression tile. I might make one more tile though.

Which one is the META? The old Gamebuino or new? I don’t have any Gamebuinos so not too familiar with them (yet).

This late Arduboy programming is interesting “ok, I have 100 bytes left … ok I have 202 bytes left … ope now I’ve gone over” Sometimes adding a feature reduces the binary size. Compiler you work in mysterious ways :slight_smile:

(Simon) #35

I find I fix change something in one spot and get rewarded with a size reduction. I apply the same logic to another area and find it shoot up above the original!

(Miloslav Číž) #36

Beware, they can smell the fear. I think I’ve been in a situation when a bug fix didn’t fit in the memory. So I sacrificed a minor feature for fixing a bug (it was someone else’s code and this was the easiest option for me).

(Josh Goebel) #37

META is the new color one. You’d need color tiles plus dealing with the improved resolution of 160x128. Not sure if that messes you up since you seem to do transitions between screens instead of a fluid scrolling map.

(Matt) #38

Yeah porting to the META might be tough. This one might have to be Arduboy only.

Going room by room is how older Zeldas did it, and it made a lot of things easier, like knowing which enemies need to be loaded into memory and such.

I figured out the engine as I went, and so it’s pretty limited in some regards and the code’s pretty messy too. I’m thinking I might do a sequel applying the lessons I learned and do a much nicer engine. For that game I’ll keep other platforms in mind.

(Josh Goebel) #39

What if you just paired rooms vertically? (the horizontal space could be dealt with other ways) Would that be possible? So when you crossed a vertical boundary “two” screens would scroll in vertically, not just one.

(Matt) #40

that would probably be doable. But it’d be pretty weird. I think I’d rather just have a blank half of the screen or maybe the dungeon map there.