Ardynia - a Zelda style adventure, now available

(Josh Goebel) #41

Maybe. I guess if it were me I’d want to see more play area… not just an Arduboy screen squeezed into the top and a map section on the bottom. I do see where that would require less rethinking of things though.

Too bad the ratios are so different. Doesn’t quite work the 2x way either (80x64 on Gamebuino) because then your screen if far too wide.

(Josh Goebel) #42

@city41 What tool are you using for maps? Would it substantially break the game if all your maps were just manually “stretched” to a new form factor? IE, every 7x4 room becomes just a slightly bigger 9x7 or 10x7 or whatever aspect worked? Just making larger rooms, moving some walls around, realigning enemies, etc?

Quick and dirty re-drawing of just one of the screens:


(Josh Goebel) #43

Or some type of 9x6 with maybe colored borders (sets mood) and a larger status area:


I can’t imagine going from 7x4 to 9x6 would be impossible to deal with.

(Matt) #44

that’s not a bad idea. That might be the best compromise of them all. Although I do still kinda like the map in lower section idea too. It’s similar to how when someone ports a game to the DS and is like “ummm what to do with the second screen?”

The maps are built with Tiled. Constructing Gamebuino specific maps is definitely doable. It’d be nice if there was some way to ensure the maps for all the different platforms are “equivalent” to each other. That shouldn’t be too hard. I wrote a little tool that convers the Tiled json into C++ code, and that tool could pretty easily confirm the puzzles, enemies, etc are consistent across the various map flavors.

I really don’t like the two rooms on screen at once idea. It takes away from some of the intrigue in the game “what’s behind this locked door?”

(Josh Goebel) #45

I think the “just make the rooms all bigger” is the right solution here - but this intrigue problem could be solved (with room pairs) if the engine knew which rooms were “continuous” and which were “transitions”… If you had a transition room the engine would juts fill in the room area with wall or unknown or something and then when you walked thru it’d force a transition.

My second idea includes the map in the bottom.

(fred ) #46

So soon? I’m looking forward to playing. Great work.

(JohnnydCoder) #47

This game looks awesome!

Although I have never played the old zeldas, I am a fan of the games.

(Matt) #48

Thanks everyone. I am really hoping to have it out soon.

The game ended up being very Zelda-1 esque, but with some lessons learned from Link’s Awakening. So somewhere in between the two style wise.

(Matt) #49

I just finished the game. I still need to test it. I need to go to each individual room and just verify you can’t get stuck and things like that. But I should be able to get a public release out this week.

(Nicole Birgel) #50

Wow. I am looking forward to it.

(Cody) #51

Beta testing? You could assign a set amount of rooms to each tester and that way you can get results faster.

(Pharap) #52

Solution: just fill the empty space with a decorative border :P

If you do end up porting to the Gamebuino Meta,
it probably won’t be long before someone wants a Pokitto port too.
There’s a lot of overlap between Arduboy owners and Pokitto owners.

(Matt) #53

I have a pokitto and a gamebuino on the way. So ports will probably happen sooner or later. @Dreamer3 is interested in porting it to the gamebuino, and I will help out with that should he take it on.

(Matt) #54

Hey everyone, Ardynia is now available.


(Pharap) #55

I’m slowly working my way through the code to see if I can find some savings (only about 50-80 bytes saved so far, though I haven’t checked if everything still runs properly).

I’ve just noticed that you’re trying to read a word from a byte-sized area in the skeleton code:

(Matt) #56

ah nice, good find! That used to be a word, but switched to a byte to save space, but I forgot to switch the read function.

(Matt) #57

byte savings are still appreciated. I think the game is done, but if any bugs crop up, having some bytes on hand to fix them would be nice.

If anyone manages to save a ton of bytes, then could probably apply them to polishing things here and there (for example, skeletons get harder in later dungeons, but other enemies dont, stuff like that)

(Pharap) #58

Well, if I haven’t broken anything then I’ve currently saved 310 bytes.
(I haven’t tested though, so some of that might not be valid.)
That’s made from lots of tiny savings and one big 232 byte saving.

Hopefully there’s a lot more to find.

Just found another 140 by eliminating some of Entity's unnecessary vtable entries, so that’s 450 in total.

(Matt) #59

wow, nice! Maybe we can add a new enemy type that is a floating skull in your honor :slight_smile:


What about a stationary skull that shoots projectiles at you?