Ardynia - a Zelda style adventure, now available


Thanks @Freezingsnail! :smile: …any hints on this?


If that’s where I think it is go up and over? That’s the last dungeon right?


OK, figured it out! :sweat_smile:

Hadn’t found the magic ring, and had no idea that the rooms with invisible walls and little pots in them were actually darkened rooms with unlit torches in them! Had to snoop around in the code / maps to figure it out…

(Simon) #84

I guess that’s the downside of posting the code. If you can’t beat it, look at the code and see what you are missing. If you still cannot figure it out, you can always change the code itself.


Tbh I think finding the sword took me the longest to figure out lol

(Matt) #86

I should have made the first room in dungeon 3 hard to get out of in the dark, like make it have a few turns and a little maze-like. What I really wanted to do was have a hookshot instead of torches, and just have a chasm in the first room, but I didn’t think I could fit a hookshot in.

I used to have an old guy that wouldn’t let you enter the first dungeon without the sword, but took him out to save space :slight_smile:


Nnnnnnoooooo not the “it’s dangerous to go alone …” guy!!!

(Cody) #88

Doesn’t that guy melt in the original?


I think he just flickers and disappears right after you take the sword in LoZ

(Scott R) #90

Not even a flicker if memory serves he just vanishes off screen.

(Matt) #91

yup, he just disappears:


RIP old man who waits for kids in a dark torch lit cave with a sword … (unless you do a swordless run in which case good riddance old man)


I think I beat the game, if you can still walk around after you win and it showing “congrats” at the top means you beat it.

As soon as I saw this game I knew I had to play it, because I had wanted to make a game like Zelda but really didn’t feel confident in my knowledge and ability in designing that genre of game, plus I couldn’t draw graphics I liked.

This game really knocks it out of the park. I loved the sense of exploration and discovery, the nonlinearity in the overworld and discovering the dungeons, how certain areas were gated off by new abilities, and the puzzles that required some extra thought but could be solved by just experimenting.

I tried playing the original Zelda, and I thought it was a overwhelmingly hard. While I have heard it’s a good game, it felt a bit too old-school hard for me. This game is much easier, but I really enjoyed that. I could actually explore everywhere and discover everything in this game.

When I first went into the dark dungeon, I didn’t have the magic ring, and I immediately thought, “Oh, I need an item I don’t have here, I can’t tell where I’m going,” and left. I like that kind of thing in a game, where you find somewhere you can’t go yet and take note of it for later. I do think it might be a good idea to make it extra hard to find your way to the next room, like adding an extra turn or something, just in case somebody tries to explore further. I also like the torch effect.

So is a no-sword run possible in this game? I can’t remember if the final boss required using the sword or not (it’s been a few days since I beat it, so I have been meaning to post this for a while), but it would be cool if it was possible to beat the game without getting it, as a sort of secret hard mode.

(Matt) #94

Thanks very much for the kind words! I’m glad you liked the game!

Yes, that is the “ending” :), you beat the game

No, you need the sword to get the boomerang, which is needed to get to dungeons 2 and 3

In regards to your other spoiler blurred comment I agree, the first room of dungeon 3 should have been harder to progress through in the dark. That was a mistake, ah well. I’ll fix it, but should have realized that before releasing

I learned a lot making this game and I want to use those learnings to make an even better sequel. But some things have come up and not sure when I’ll actually be able to work on the sequel, but I really want to do it.

(Pedro) #95

I also finished and really enjoyed the game! What about a cross-over Ardynia and Arduventure?

(Nicole Birgel) #96

Great idea! Sound epic like Marvel vs DC :+1:

(Loaxx) #97

Looks cool but does it have sound

(Matt) #98

It has sound effects. Click on SFX at the title screen so that it has a checkmark next to it.

(Matt) #99

Just put out what should be the final release of the game.

The fixes in this release are related to later stuff in the game:

The first room in dungeon three is now hard to get out of if you don’t light the torch. Thanks for all the feedback.

The “congrats” message now stays on the screen during room transitions. Very minor, doubt anyone noticed this but me.

If you have already played the game, this release isn’t that interesting. Very minor changes.

This release is compatible with your existing save.

(jon yakowec) #100

Just finished this game, loved it. Really hope you make a sequel to this game.