Ardynia - a Zelda style adventure, now available

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Thanks! Glad you liked it. I plan to make a sequel but not sure when yet.

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wow~looks like the Zelda in Gamboy, can’t wait to play it

in another means, can this aeduboy transplant all the gameboy game?

same 8bit cpu but different code, am I right?

(Pharap) #104

Unfortunately no, the Arduboy is built very differently to a Game Boy.

The Arduboy uses an ATmega32u4 CPU,
the Game Boy used a specially made CPU called an LR35902,
which was a hybrid of the Intel 8080 and the Zilog Z80.

Here’s a summary of the key spec differences:

Factor Arduboy Gameboy
CPU ATmega32u4 LR35902 (custom made)
RAM 2.5 KB 8 KB, extensible via cartridges
ROM 32 KB, of which 4 KB is used by the bootloader 256 B bootloader, up to 512 KB via cartridges
EEPROM 1 KB ???*
Display Resolution 128x64 (2 colour) 160x144 (4 colour)

* I couldn’t find this info, but I know the EEPROM would have been on the cartridge,
and most likely could be more than 1 KB

(Shawn) #105

As far as I know there are no gameboy games with on cart eeprom, every game that saves uses battery backed sram (up to I believe 256kb, 32kB).

(Pharap) #106

Good point, I’d forgotten that.
I’m not really a hardware person so I just imagine “the chip that does stores save data”,
without worrying much about the implementation.
(In other words, I abstract it.)

Do you know of any places that can confirm that?
I’ve looked around but I can’t find anything that mentions the capacity of a GB cart’s SRAM.

(Shawn) #107

Closest I could find about sram sizes for various memory mappers in gameboy carts:

Oddly it says sram maxes out at 128kb but I swear the last time I dumped a pokemon blue or zelda link’s awakening save it was 256kb (pretty sure these games have the largest save chip sizes). I could be wrong though since it’s been ages since I played around with gameboy save file hacking/modding.

(Matt) #108

The other problem is storage space. You have about 28kb to work with on the Arduboy. The original Zelda on NES was 128kb, and Link’s Awakening on Game Boy is 512kb.


wow,that’s so kind of you for such a professional answer:+1:


and also GB’s hardware looks more powerful than arduboy. that’s a 30 year’s old things

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No problem.

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The screen and the memory are more ‘powerful’,
but the Gameboy’s CPU is actually slower and has fewer registers than the Arduboy,
so the Arduboy’s CPU is actually more ‘powerful’.