Ardynia - a Zelda style adventure, now available

(Pharap) #121

I’m not aware of any where the adventurers you sell stuff ‘die’,
but there’s one game I know of where you play as a shop keeper selling equipment and you have to hire a hero to go dungeon diving to acquire more stock.

“Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale”

It’s notable for the catchphrases “Yayifications!” and “Capitalism, ho!” (which are only present in the English-language version).

Recettear got there first. :P


I love those shop type of games. Dragon’s Quest 4:Chapter 3, had you as a shopkeeper. One of the best and memorable chapter in that game. Maybe I can do cram one of those game on the Arduboy.

(Matt) #123

If you still can’t find the sword, checkout, the Ardynia gif there shows the answer