Ardynia - I’m Stuck 😣

(Josh) #1

I’m enjoying playing Ardynia (or the first part at least) but I’m stuck in the second dungeon and I can’t find any useful hints online. Please could someone make a walkthrough or put details below as to what to do next. Thanks.

(Stephane C) #2

How much did you play on the game so far? Also the game isn’t linear… So maybe you need an item to make it easier…

(Josh) #3

I just have the Boomerang and sword, but can’t seem to get the bombs back a I had in a previous save. Haven’t been past first lock in second dungeon yet

(Pharap) #4

When you say ‘a previous save’, did you start the game again or did the bombs vanish from your inventory?
And if the latter happened, did you load a game other than Ardynia after playing Ardynia?

(Matt) #5

have you never been past that lock? The bombs are found after that lock. A hint for that lock, those 4 switches need to be activated somehow.

If you had the bombs but have never been past this lock before, then that might be a bug you found.

(Matt) #6

And if you’re still stuck and want the answer:

Throw the boomerang so that it trips all four switches in one throw

(Josh) #7

Thanks, I must’ve done this with the boomerang before to get past the lock, but got stuck again after that so I deleted save and started again. I’ll persevere from here on out.