Are there Arduboy Emulators? [Yes]

is there some sort of emulator i can test code on before my arduboy comes in the mail im going insane here

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ive had some problems running programs written for python2.7 on python3

argh it has to be python lol, my pi3 runs python but my hdmi cable went missing…

That’s the only emulator I’m aware of.

I’m an ArduBoy dev myself but don’t actually own an ArduBoy. I can’t afford one right now so I made my own with some parts I already had. I’ll get the real deal one day when the price comes down.

There are also these:

None of which are fully 100% supported, and all are technically simulators or translators not emulators because you can’t actually run compiled code. I think the most popular is the proton environment for visual C if you’ve got it.

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