ARENA - Arduboy 3D Shooter


Hello all!

I proudly present ARENA - an attempt to create a 3d shooter for the arduboy.

See more at:

Or see a short video at:



Your game is writing data within the first 16 bytes of EEPROM. This area is reserved for use by the Arduboy and Arduboy2 libraries to store system data common to all sketches that use these libraries (as almost all do).

By writing to this area, your game will likely cause other sketches using these libraries to misbehave in various ways.

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To add to what @MLXXXp said, you’ve clearly taken a large chunk of your code from either the Arduboy or the Arduboy2 library, which means you’re violating the MIT licence by not including the MIT licence header with your distribution.

You’d be much better off rewriting your code to use the Arduboy2 library as an external library instead of trying to cram all its features into a single .ino file.


built in map editor :astonished: very cool!

I’m not able to get the hex file to run on the emulator, it just shows a white screen any ideas?

Hi Kevin!

You are right - but so far I don’t know why. Compiling and uploading directly to the Arduboy works perfectly.

I tried some more times to generate the hex-file … but my (Android) ARBY-Emulator wasn’t able to start ARENA.
That’s strange because my other Arduboy-“game” AOS works perfectly with hex/ARBY.

Maybe anyone has an idea what to try respectively will be so kind to produce a working hex-file?


You should be able to do it with Arduino:


I’m not sure about the Arby emulator but you can try uploading your hex file here to see if the online emulator is able to run it, if you want to test that new feature. :slight_smile:

…found that just pressing the DOWN button will get you past the ‘white screen of death’?

Editing out the if (!digitalRead(PIN_DOWN_BUTTON)) from this line:

produces a hex that works fine… don’t ask me why? :upside_down_face:

@uXe: Thanks for this hint - but that doesn’t work - at least for me on ARBY

@Kevin: I guess you mean the ABE-Emulator? Unfortunately I didn’t find where to upload the HEX-fle to try …


Have never used ‘ARBY’, but here’s a quick fork, with an updated .ino and .hex, and here it is in ABE:


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Oh my gosh I love this, it is like a spooky night mode you can’t see much, but you know what I love most of all? The 2d mode! It’s like a minimap! Very nice!

Hi uXe(Dan) and Kevin!

Thanks for praising and manage to make ARENA working on ABE (very impressing) - and it’s even working on Android/ARBY.

I instantly saved your HEX-file to my github account ( - so everything should work now like intended.


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