ARENA - Arduboy 3D Shooter


Hello all!

I proudly present ARENA - an attempt to create a 3d shooter for the arduboy.

See more at:

Or see a short video at:


(Scott) #2

Your game is writing data within the first 16 bytes of EEPROM. This area is reserved for use by the Arduboy and Arduboy2 libraries to store system data common to all sketches that use these libraries (as almost all do).

By writing to this area, your game will likely cause other sketches using these libraries to misbehave in various ways.

AOS - Arduboy Operating System
(Pharap) #3

To add to what @MLXXXp said, you’ve clearly taken a large chunk of your code from either the Arduboy or the Arduboy2 library, which means you’re violating the MIT licence by not including the MIT licence header with your distribution.

You’d be much better off rewriting your code to use the Arduboy2 library as an external library instead of trying to cram all its features into a single .ino file.

(Matt) #4

built in map editor :astonished: very cool!