Art work needed

Hi Iā€™m making a game a RPG in fact and I need some art work and was wondering if anyone someone everyone could mabey develope some art for me such as a
all 16x16 please and Indian style if possible thanks!:smile:

You might want to be a little more specific are we talking country of origin or native / tribal people?

Maybe post some examples of the art style your looking for.


Sometimes art is the hardest part !

Also, are these going to be sitting on a grid or contained within boxes? Have you considered a black border around them and would this make them 14 x 14 (borders all sides) or 15 x 15 (with borders on two sides allowing them to be placed side by side on a 16x16 grid)?

I think reaching out to people through Twitter has been the easiest for me! Find someone who does art and send them a DM with your request. Until you get someone to do it, use placeholder sprites and show them how fun the game is to entice them into wanting to help. :slight_smile:

Native Indian like last of the Mohicans