ARtillery - Tanks remake by Bergasms

Hi All, this is my remake of the classic Tanks game from the Amiga by Gary Roberts. It’s nifty, and something I wrote as a break from Arduminer and before I jump into a more complicated game. there are screenshots here

It’s pretty simple. You press Up/Down to change gun angle. You press Left/Right to decrease or increase shot power. When you’re happy with the power hit A to fire. Then it is either the crappy AI or player two’s turn. You can hold B and press left and right to pan the screen around as well.

You can grab the .arduboy file here
You can grab the source code here

I have tested the arduboy file locally and it seems to be all good. Let me know if there are any issues.
FYI, the AI is pretty crappy XD.

Also as an aside, this game uses a fairly large buffer to store the level changes (256*3 bytes). I have found that allocating this statically (mem to approx 80%) leads to a far higher incidence of the arduboy bricking and needing to be reset/flashlighted. However, if i allocate it dynamically using calloc it works fine. Is this by design? can anyone shed light on why this is, or is it me imagining things. I presume it is because if the arduboy needs memory it will blast dynamic mem before trying to mess with static.

Also there is no sound in v1, I am experimenting with sounds and will release a v2, also incorporating any updates and fixes for things you might find.


I get a 404 error on the source code link.

Try now, I copy pasted from my website and had copied a " character to the end of the Reddit URL.

Failing that should be the full URL, or just visit and it will list the fit contents, source is the only zip in there

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