Ashteroide's Mk3 Homemade Arduboy


Parts List
6x Momentary push buttons 6x6mm 4 pins
MT3608 - Stepup voltage converter
TP4056 - Battery charging
3.7v 150mAh LiPo battery
SH1106 or SSD1306 (It supports most screens but requires a different library for uploading, details further down)
Piezo Speaker (I’m unsure which one specifically)
Arduino/Sparkfun Pro Micro 5v 16Mhz
Standard 3 pin switch

Gerber Files

(Available in a release)

Uploading Games
SSD1306 can use the standard Arduboy library, but the SH1106 and most other screens require Mr. Blinky’s Homemade Library

Other Details
This was designed because my other homemade Arduboy had broken and I needed a new one, other designs had a lot of other stuff or different parts so I opted to make my own, through trial and error I was able to reach Mk3 (Mk1 and Mk2 failed unfortunately).

I am not a professional PCB designer nor am I fully aware of electronics, I have common knowledge collected over a long time so if it breaks for you sorry.

Note Keep your eyes peeled for a Mk4, it’ll be credit card sized and for the more advanced users to make, I am majorly debugging the PCB so it’ll be a while but I hope to get something out either this year or half way through next year