Why did I forgot to post the game up here!
calling it “void” is because many things are missing.
Many, MANY of them are . But it should work. (I changed a computer so the file may need some fixing, but why, try it out.)
@Pharap, you should try it out. (if you haven’t.)
BUT, I will list things that ARE here:

    up : thrust
    left && right : turn(left or right, accordingly)
    down: basic hyperspace(will of course, possibly break things)
square collision (you will not tell if it is square or what for now) of:
    asteroids(spawn 2 rock upon destruction)
    rocks (spawn 2 pebbles)
    pebbles (just ... shoot them)
    bullets (that have a limited range)
Warping of objects across the screen
In main menu it is supposed to only use 50% ram because the float is declared local (but
when the floats are "destroyed" when they get out of a scope nothing happens, so that is
why the game can run
which also mean that although it is a big game, you can flash another one without entering
flashlight mode.

Things that will be added:
Life count
Score count
Sound effect (Don’t really want to)
High score entry (OUT OF ROM!!!)
better Asteroid spawning mechanism
the alien ship (OUT OF RAM && ROM!!!)
and…that is pretty much it.
Go ahead, enjoy your time floating around.

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Do NOT have more than:
8 asteroid
16 rocks
32 pebbles
8 bullets (although you have to have turbo fingers to do so)
on the screen.
although it would be quite amazing if you can survive and destroy everything on the screen when you “summon” the 8 asteroid at once
If you are knocked by anything (except bullet) then you will return to home screen and all the asteroids will be “destroyed”–the float will not disappear when going out of a scope, but the asteroidCount, rockCount, and pebbleCount will.