ASTRO - Simple Shooting-


I made a simple shooting game.
If you are interested, please play it!
(This game is not completed. So I want you to give me some advices.)

In this game, you shot to destroy stones scrolling from top of screen.
If you destory 30 stones, the stage is cleard.
As you miss to destory stones and stones through under a screen, the scale of right bar decrease.
If scale become zero, the game is over.

Screen Shots:

Source Code:


Pretty cool game. One thing I would like to see are for the asteroids to move diagonally, and get faster as the levels progress. Good work!

Thank you for comment!

I will try to change the movement of asteroids depending on the level.

Would suggest something like up arrow to return to main menu and down arrow to pause. Just got it installed, but having fun so far!